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The moral, social actions and reactions define the good or bad. The highest optimistic level of moral and social actions and the reaction refers to highest good. It is right that no one can maintain goodness every time because of the uneven path of life, at the same time, it is universal truth of realistic world that in some cases you have to be right but goodness always needs contemplation. By defining the good, the absolute result of good is the best morally and ethically, in contrast, right is to performing the things with consideration of ground realities. In rightness it is not mandatory to take care of the natural instincts. However, good is considered on the natural grounds and moral surrounds.

The governance of good:

The highest good denotes to the best behavior, best morality and best ethnicity with happiness. In reaction it is very commonly observed that the supremacy of goodness with all its ingredients provides the extremely best results. On the other hand, the best brief of good is the absolute state of the things conceivable, moreover, the best possible state of affairs in the world. It is human goodness which initiates the things which have a high degree of instinct. It can be easily understood with the example that if there is two actions are possible one is A which has more instinct value than the other B. But if A has less goodness duly considering its high instinct value and B has more goodness than instinct value. The B would be preferable than A on the ground of governance of good.

Highest good according to Kant:

According to the Kant the highest good is the combination of happiness and morality.

There is no highest good achieved with the single constituent but both are the equal important.

In a common sense a happiness or smile of a human being provides gesture and morality gives you the posture. Therefore, gesture and posture both are damn important to have highest good, otherwise, it would not be the highest good. It maybe a good or right but not perfect according to the Kant’s philosophy of highest good.

Hereinafter, it is crystal clear that when it come to examination of common perception and the real world practices. The highest good is the highest level of both soft and human constituents of a personality which provides a soft and human gestures and postures. These soft and human gestures and postures are the highest good referring and representing the philosophy of highest good by the Kant.


Life is so strange no one can predict it. Therefore, life is an ongoing process which never ends till death. In the preceding time of life several hundred moments come which urge humans to become man. However, the man cannot be mature and good, therefore, to have mature and good state of mind and gesture and posture in life one should have compassionate level of happiness and morality which will ultimately provides the best and highest good to the man and make him a true human. The human is the organism on the earth which cares himself and cares others. On the other hand, the man is not more than an animal who only cares him self and do not possess sympathy, goodness and humanity. Therefore, the philosophy of Kant is a philosophy of humanity of humanism. No human can deny for it but a man can. Therefore, an appropriate sense of reaction and suitable selection of a reaction can grant the best results no matter with highest good. Moreover, it is matter of circumstance and a matter of understanding which influence man to become human and Kant’s philosophy can grant you humanity.


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