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Gender equity has been an issue that has for long affected various organizations. Achievement of equity in general has always been a tricky affair Kranich, N. (2007). Today, however civilized may people want to appear, gender equity has not been achieved in many organization, a fact that has made the working conditions for the different genders not to gain the desired equal working conditions. In my organizations, cases of biasness against gender in favor of men have remained despite the fact that the policy at the work place are against such conduct. Perhaps, the explanation of Peters, (2007), who argues that the high levels of gender discrimination today happen unconsciously, applies. Whichever the case, this issue has affected the female workmates negatively as they have a feeling that they get treated as second class citizens.

Having identified this issue as a pertinent issue in the organization, it is imperative that this issue should be resolved amicably to ensure that all parties feel that they are treated fairly. Following Cooper's (2006) decision making model that outlines a five phased approach to ethical decision making, and following that fact that the ethical issue is already identified and perceived, there is a need for a thorough definition of the ethical issue and a description of its impacts to various stakeholders. Once these two steps are achieved, various alternatives to the issues should be identified. This may include measures that should be taken against those who propagate the ethical issue or the generation of an affirmative action that shall correct past injustices that may be the source for the ethical issue. After this is done the best choice should be taken which in this case should be to raise the consciousness of various staff towards the issue to ensure that they are keen on their conduct. A resolution on what should be done should be taken as the final step.

Resistance to change could be the worst huddle to deal with the ethical issue eradication. As noted by Frederickson, (2010), human nature resists change and seeks to maintain the status quo. However all elements in the organization should be geared towards elimination of gender biasness for proper lifestyles.


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