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The moral challenge of ethics facing business today is balancing between the profits interest and the consumers’ needs, employers and the government legislations at the same time being in a mutual relation ship with the interest groups. However; business ethics is a practice that is expected in every business entity, (George, 27). The article promotes ethical behaviors in a number of ways in that in its bid to embrace diversity, diversity incorporates citizens regardless of the economic implications and without biasness on the gender, ethnicity or religion. This is because diversity has helped to embrace and leverage all employees’ differences to the benefits of organizations. Ethical behaviors are also promoted through equal employments opportunities and other matters governing the hiring and promotion of the employees. All these are done regardless of colour, gender, or nationality. However, the Soget company although being an international company employs people from the local country where it is situated.

Soget Company has equal opportunities for employment as long as one meets the qualifications needed and also it gives an equal platform for the growth. The organizational culture towards ethics concentrates on affirmative actions seeking to give a remedy to any discriminatory activities based on race or gender so as to prevent any future occurrence of the same. Comparing the current ethnic and race ratio and gender representation levels in a company can help to assess the potential barriers in human resource thus enabling an organizational culture towards an effective work flow statistics, (Rothman, 72).

Diversity also plays a part in maintaining favorable business ethics. It helps in getting diverse labour force which is very vital for the continuity of the business as different business ideas are developed .At the same time it enables the business entity have a favorable picture in the eyes of the public especially when it employs people from diverse backgrounds and nationality without prejudice of culture and religion. Diversity helps a business to manage a diverse market thus extending its market share in a given region, locality and even internationally.Soget company does not enjoy diversity to its full extent as it only employs people from the local country. Though it sell its products internationally in its organizational structure there is no that representation of internationality, this is because the employees are from the same locality. Therefore, there is no multicultural ethical status in it. Though it tends to increase its market share internationally this would be an up hill task because it does not have that global representation and therefore this would lead to a bad picture being potraid by such a company as compared to other multinational companies.

The organizational structure tends leverage diversity for the good of the organization as this requires time which change can be effective. The organization has established standards, evaluation and ways of making sure that effectiveness of diversity allows the organization to make data base solutions on how to leverage the use of resources effectively, (Seglin,99).Soget Company needs to develop an effective group process so as to increase productivity and employ the multicultural work force to enhance performance. The manager’s needs to develop the leadership and group access skills needed to facilitate effective communication.

In conclusion diversity management needs attention as this would help evade the consequences of global economy and demographic changes.However, diversity alone does not guarantee immediate improvements in a business or a firm. It needs to be exercised together with business ethics.


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