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The question as to whether it is morally right to acquire property through injustice brings into forefront human rights perspective. The answer to this question is No even if analyzed from the utilitarian perspective. Utilitarianism proposes one principle - what brings pleasure is good and what results into pain is bad. Simply put in other words, it proposes that the end justify the means and an act is considered ethical if it results into pleasure and happiness.

The reasons behind this answer to this question are not particularly hard to discern. Utilitarian perspective cannot serve the desires of the all people. The respect of human and property demands an equitable law that caters the demands for the many as well as the few. Acquiring property through injustice is an act of denial of human right and fundamental freedoms to the weak at the expense of the strong. Certainly, there are a variety of compelling reasons that justify the need for respect of individual rights and the rule of law and order. A first reason stems from the notion that human security, in essence, is a moral endeavour that is concerned with the development and achievement of freedoms of human beings in all dimensions.

Individual and respect to personal property is not only important for the harmonious existence but also for the survival of human kind. Many emphases have placed on global need for human safety and strategic impotence of human security alongside human rights. One of the immense challenges facing both countries and the international community now is that, with lack of respect for human security, human right, the ultimate attainment of global peace is elusive, and this puts human security, human life, and human development at risk.

It is morally wrong to acquire property through injustice because such actions breed poverty and hopelessness among the affected regions. Poverty is posing a great threat to human security as well as global peace and actions that stimulate levels of poverty and not just wrong but also immoral. This is because poverty promotes crime and irresponsible human behaviors which make it impossible to achieve peace, human security, harmonious existence, enhancement of quality of life and development in a society. On the other hand, all kinds of violence are not only threats to human peace but also to global development. It is within this regard that any attempt to attain human property through force and injustice cannot stand to support the demand for a better life for all and improved development. The demand for the majority cannot override the demand for all because failure to institute equality framework, rule of law and respect for personal property is a precipitant for a lawless society encompassed by moral decadence.

In addition to the above, the importance of human security and equality in the provision of critical social services cannot be undermined in a lawful community. Human security is an integral point not only to development but also to human kind survival on earth. Without human security, human beings have no assurance of life and the dominant will oppress the weak.

The need to acquire more knowledge on the need for a just society remains the only path to realization of individual dreams and a prosperous society. It remains important to all people regardless of their economic, social, and political classes. This is because it the measure of life depends not only in quantity but also in its quality. This quality cannot be achieved the strong have the right to acquire property through injustice. Inability to understand the aspects of rule of law and order on human race would be tantamount to ignorance on fundamental precincts of life. However, this leaves several loop holes in the process because the whole process might present several avenues for deviations both in application and in practice. Indeed, this issue has constituted major debate worldwide.

In deeper understanding of the role of justice and the consequences of international economic integration and merits and demerits (dangers) of hegemonic stability in international trade dissected, it is seen that there is no economy without the rule of law and respect for personal property. The international economic activities that has recorded tremendous levels of integration due to cross-border exchange of goods and services particularly after the end World and improved lives of millions of people across the world remains void in an immoral society.

As previously stated, morality is a value-laden concept and respect to law is a value-laden endeavour. A moral society does not see their values as mere personal attributes. They do not separate personal and moral values. On the contrary, they allow their own values to influence their behaviours and the society as a whole. Benefiting from stolen and illegal materials acquired is contrary towards the achievement of a moral society built on respect and rule of law. Such actions fail to promote ethical treatment of others within and outside the society. Acquiring wealth through injustice fail to generate conditions that value peaceful co-existence and such individuals fail to act as a role model and educator to society they form.

In conclusion, the essay has ascertained that wealth acquisition through injustice is both morally and ethically wrong. Such actions fail to set conditions and standards of a prosperous society and fall within heinous crimes in most communities and nations across the globe. Respect for human rights and personal property is a demonstration of better human life.


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