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According to the article by Brown & Lin (n.d), the United States as of 2010, had a divorce rate with an expected 45% or higher married couples likely to get divorced. The figures showing the high divorce rate have remained unchanged in the last two decades according to the findings of most researches. Insofar, no studies have been dedicated to analyze the divorce experience of the older American couples. This neglect cannot be substantiated as the older generation also forms a significant part of the American population. Brown & Lin (n.d) write that they form 13% of the US population with the likelihood that the figures will rise to 19% by 2030. Marriages today are mainly resulting from remarriages, which makes the marriages susceptible to risks divorce further divorce.

The increasing number of aging population results from the stretching life expectancies and low rates of birth. Moreover, the baby boomers, who mainly divorce and remarry are getting older. They group is moving into the age bracket of the older adult population; hence, the growing number of divorce among the older couples will rise in the near future. This is a translation of the increasing divorce rates in the US. This will definitely affect the older generation too. Divorcees aged 50 and above represented 8% of all the divorcees in 1990. The figure rose to 25% by 2008 for the same age bracket. Therefore as much as divorce cases among the older generation continue to rise, it may also be partly due to the general rise in divorce cases in the US. Therefore, the older population is also an important age group to study if the American society is to confront the worrying trends. Brown & Lin (n.d) seek to document the differences in the subgroup in a bid to explicate the heterogeneity of the society in the old age.


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