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Moral theories are usually used to justify claims about the fundamental rights for human beings and to some extent that of animals. Human rights claims have always differed among different philosophers, scholars and researchers. Most claims that have been differing are claims about sexuality such as same sex marriages and relationships and claims about religion. Certain theories can be used to defend or disregard such claims. One of the theories that can be used to justify the claim that same sex unions are acceptable and should be practiced is moral relativism. According to this theory, the rightness and wrongness of a an action depends on the norms of the society in which the action is performed (Conman 78). This theory therefore disregards same sex marriages and unions. This is because many societies do not allow same sex marriages and therefore this means that if a person is in a society that does not accept same sex marriages then he should accept that the practice is morally wrong.

This theory therefore states that people should engage in religions that are recognized by the society only and not any other religion. Another theory is the utilitarianism theory. This theory states that an action that is proper should be able to maximize the happiness of the person carrying out that action at whatever means (Conman 54). This theory justifies the same sex marriages and also encourages people to engage in any religions of their choice. This is because these people engaging in these activities are happy where they are no matter what the society thinks about what they are doing. These theories help in championing for the rights of every group whether minority or majority to be treated equally with the others


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