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Ethics regards an individual’s behavior. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the enhanced workplace ethics and measures regarding this aspect. The managers and employees of an organization choose right ways regarding ethical choice and decision making. A well-established organization supports good values that drive behavior of the employees and their authority. The influence of an individual’s attitude may change his or her behavior. However, it is vital to note that ethical values are essential in attitude formation influencing the way one responds to the different situations. The discussion also involves relation between the working environment, the employees, and managers.

Workplace safety is identified as ethical climate that represents institutional practices and methodologies that promote good working environment. Therefore, ethical enhancement and measurement at the workplace involve ethical values that are the foundation of moral actions (McDaniel 123). Moral courage includes taking the right actions at the workplace when making decisions. The major aspect in enhanced workplace ethics is organization of structures that support moral courage. Working environment must be structured in order to enhance activity of the workers.

The mission, values, and vision of the organization or company are to be clearly outlined. It serves as a reference point to the workers and managers as they always remind them of their expectations. Establishing an environment that nurtures morale among the workers requires that all the shareholders have a rich understanding of the mission of the organization. Its vision, values and philosophy should be recognized by all its employees. These aspects denote the types of activities that will ensure that organization achieves its goals (Hanson and Palm 179). Through this, the organization defies itself not only to its internal community, but to the external community as well.

Another aspect that enhances workers’ moral courage is profession model care that takes into account the accountability and autonomy of professional development. Moreover, this pays much attention on various activities within the organization. The profession models within an organization include recognition systems and rewards. It acknowledges performance and improvement of the workers. It is usually administered because of the moral empowerment at the workplace. Structural empowerment regards the structural dynamics within organization that enhance the workers’ abilities at the workplace. The employees who are able to find information and receive help from the leaders in the organization are empowered towards achieving organizational goals (Hanson and Palm 163).

Shared governance is one of the ways to enhance workplace ethics. Through sharing the governance, the process of decision making is done collaboratively. Thus, the responsibility is shared among the workers. Moreover, this empowers he employees as they feel their importance for the company. The moral courage of the employees is raised through their ability to give suggestions on various issues regarding the organization. Morally courageous employees are able to carry out their activities without fear of demotion or certain imposed penalties. In addition, communication is a key element towards the ethical workplace conditions of a worker as he or she should respond on the various issues. Effective communication should be encouraged without limiting the employees by their authority (McDaniel 145).

In conclusion, it is crucial for the organizations to pay more attention to the ethical working conditions of the employees. If their working conditions are inappropriate, then the minimal output should be expected. The kind of leadership in the organization also determines the achievement of the organizational goals. Therefore, enhanced workplace ethics concerns the various measures that are to be addressed regarding the employees’ working environment and attitude in order to achieve organizational goals. Therefore, meeting the needs of the workers will assure that the organizational goals will be achieved.


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