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Poor health has been one of the most dangerous factors affecting our societies. Since I was young, I have been seeing many people loosing their lives due to health issues with even minor health related issues such as first and cleanliness. However, it was not until when one of my best and close friends died due to diarrhea when I developed a great interest in this program. This is due to the fact that if I had pursued this program earlier, I would have been in a good position to identify this disease earlier through its symptoms thus taking necessary measures. But due to illiteracy, we all sat there watching and sympathizing and when he died.

Hence, it is my great interest to join this program so that I can help other people to improve their health. I also want to save lives lost as a result of simple disease and poor hygienic conditions. I want to improve health quality of our community so that people can be able to live health life and lifestyles. Furthermore, it is my pleasure to work with patients and assist doctors to better their work. Thus it is only by joining this program that I will be in a good position to ensure that I achieve all these and that I see all people in our community and country at large living healthy lives that are free from disease attack or death.In order to accomplish the program I have positive characteristics that are required to pursue this program success and ones that are better for interaction. Some of positive characteristics which I also view as my strengths include: I like to read and enjoy studying. I like a lot to read and enjoy studying hence this will provide me with a good opportunity of learning many different diseases affecting our societies today and how to treat or prevent them. Reading and studying will also ensure that I am equipped with all skills required to deal with patients and different circumstances.

I am a quick learner, this will enable me to learn quickly and pursue the course as quick as possible thus becoming a useful member to the community where I will be rendering my services. This will also provide my teachers with humble time throughout the course and ensuring that I comprehend and learn all the required skills within short time possible. I am patient and honest this will enable me to accomplish the program successfully since I will not be in any to accomplish it faster than required nor dropout of the course like other students who usually dropout when they have gained little skills and tend to start their own businesses which end up being unsuccessful.I am responsible and work hard in every task which I undertake. This will hence help me to concentrate fully on the program which is now task ahead of me. I will be responsible throughout the program doing whatever is required correctly at the right place. This will also assist me to handle all tools and apparatus handed to me with care so as to ensure that they remain in good working conditions. This means that I am not like other people who handle anything that don't belong to them carelessly with a view that it is not their and has nothing to loose even if it got destroyed. Lastly, I am a hard working fellow and determined. This is a factor that has seen me being successful throughout my activities and I am sure that it will also enable me to pursue this program successfully.

However, like any other person, I also have some weaknesses including poor time management; I hat Math and English although I always do my best to score an A. Time management has been a problem to me for long time and I have also developed negative attitude towards Math and English although it is my belief that with your support and guidance, I will be able to manage my time well and also develop positive attitude towards the two subjects thus passing highly.My hobbies include reading, watching TV and movies, traveling around the world, playing computer games and spending time with family and friends. These have helped e to further develop physically, mentally and psychologically thus being in a good position to handle the task a head of me. Like any other person proud of accomplishing one or two things in life, I am also proud that I passed the TEAS test for which I studied hard for approximately five months. Hence, it is my prayer and belief that I am in a good position to undertake the program and pursue it successfully.


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