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Health is wealth: this proclamation is considered much pragmatic when it comes to some tormentor disease. There are number of tormented diseases, though, one of them and most critical one is diabetes. By defining diabetes it is a polygenicdisease the causes can be recognized as high glucose levels in the blood and can be diagnosed as several metabolicdisorders like excessive urination and persistent thirst. Diabetes is widely considered a deadly disease which can be a cause of death if not treated well. Therefore, the seriousness of the disease makes it highly concerned problem not only for patients but also for the professionals and community. The seriousness of disease, patient’s dismal position, and professional/community concerns and interests fueled the creation of American diabetes association (ADA).

ADA and its creation:

American diabetes association (ADA) is a no-for-profit organization involved in providing curing facilities to the patients and conduct researches to gather information and extend it to the professionals and the medical institutions. It also highlights the gravity and criticalness of the disease at every level and brought awareness to every concerned like patients, hospitals and medical professionals to given them a straight way. The other activity which ADA performs is creating community events to engage volunteers and highlight the cause, spread awareness about disease and its cure, raise funds and get support from the people for its research base activities. For this ADA says: “We rely on volunteers like you in every community!”

Research and reciprocal:

ADA possesses a huge database of research on the diabetes. The American diabetes association is considered authoritative and large source of information about the disease and its cure. They always keep themselves busy in investigating the best solutions for preventing, treating and curing diabetes. For this the organization had founded American diabetes association research foundation in 1994. The major aim behind the creation of foundation is to collect gifts from the community members to directly fund the diabetes research. Moreover, solid researches and ideas which may considered by the United States federal government are also getting the substantial funding from the government as well. Therefore, ADA research is an organized effort by the people engaged to provide the stuff.

Community programs:

ADA has initiated many communal programs which achieved great success in spreading awareness about diabetes and enhancing the funds. Some of them are step out, tour de cure, school walk for diabetes, diabetes expo, and others. The slogans of community programs are brief definition of each program. The slogan of step out is “together we can stop diabetes one step at a time”. Tour de cure “take the ride of your life”. School walk for diabetes is an educational fund raising program which promotes the healthy living and the school boys feel proud to help the diseased. Diabetes expo is free of cost event it helps everyone to find the products and get advice from the experts for diabetes management and prevention. The communal programs initiated by ADA covers the wide range of commune which ultimately helped the organization to gather funds as well as spread awareness and highlight the gravity of the problem in the society. Moreover, it involved each ally of the society to play his/her role in highlighting the cause and researching, curing, treating the disease.


Diseases have to be diagnosed and treated well to cure the illness properly. And for diagnoses and treatment sufficient information, medical facilities, public awareness and curative skills of professionals are necessary. ADA is also engaged to extend awareness, research the solutions and provide support to the medical professionals to achieve zero stats of diabetes patients. In fact American diabetes association is adhere to deliver the best to the diseased.


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