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The Ultimate Reading Experiment

The Aim and Hypothesis of the Experimental Study

The E-Z reading, which is a new reading method described by our firm appears perfect in theory. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of the method incorporated into the program should be tested. Although the method may appear perfect as well as faultless, failure to put it into practice means, it has no use in business or social applications.

The Participants

a)      The Experimental Group

Literate children at the elementary education level are the targets of the new technique. In other words, the targeted audience are children who have accumulated some basic reading capability, but are still far from being perfect readers (letters are sometimes forgotten, words are read aloud by syllabuses, memorizing and retelling seems an unfeasible task for the overwhelming majority of the children (more than 80%).    

Each group (Miss Jones and Mrs. Brown’s) comprises of 21 children each. The gender and age representation is equal (11 girls and 10 boys of 7 years). In order to equalize the course of the experiment, the pupils with the most advanced and worst progress are excluded on a temporary vacation.

b)      The Control Group

The control group has three pedagogues. First, to minimize the potential stress and tension, Miss Jones and Mrs. Brown proceed with the education process. During the outcomes assessment stage, the third, independent educator is engaged (Mr. Smith.)

Methodology and Experimental Steps

Step 1 Implicate

Group A (Mrs. Brown’s kids) are studying following the guidelines prescribed by the new set of methods. Conventional techniques and methods of reading comprehension must be entirely abandoned to achieve the maximum effectiveness of the test (Schultz & Schultz, 1987). In order to ensure effectiveness, the rules of fair play are meticulously observed, video cameras are insensibly montage in the classroom, and Mrs. Brown is made aware of this fact, whereas the children stay uninformed in order to avoid extra stress.                       

Group B (Miss Jones’s fosterlings) are proceeding with the educational program according to the conventional set of reading comprehension methods. Neither cameras, nor other distractions are involved. The process goes on as usually.

Step 2

After the two-week period ensued, the groups are tested separately. Apart from their mentors, the independent teacher is invisibly (via the web camera) present and independently and impartially assesses the achievements demonstrated by the children. If his mentor’s opinion diverges significantly, his opinion is deemed the ultimate.

The Results of the Experiment

If the unanimous opinion of the mentoring teachers and the ultimate supervisor indicates that the methods applied in the group, A has fetched considerably better results than those techniques followed by group B. Undoubtedly, the newly elaborated technique should be incorporated in the educational process. The conventional methods are put on hold in case the results display the reverse process, insignificant improvement, or no improvement at all. At the same time, the limitations of the approach are identified and eliminated.  

The Variables

Here, the independent variable is represented by the novel set of reading comprehension technique. On the other hand, the dependent variable is represented by the educational outcomes displayed by the children in terms of reading and complementary methods (memorizing and retelling).

Case Inadaptability and Correlations

Because of the novelty of the method speculated above, case studies and correlations about the subject, which entirely matches the requirements of the riddle, do not exist (Brennan, 1991, p. 31). Anyhow, those, which do exist, are outdated and cannot objectively reflect the mental process of the contemporary kids’ community.


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