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Behavior can be described as a habitual activity that one is engaged in. A behavior can be either of help to somebody or of detrimental consequences to the individual harboring it. A health comprising behavior is one that leads to deterioration of the health status of an individual.

One of the major health compromising behaviors is skipping breakfast. This was majorly exemplified among the youths of ages between 13 and24 of African-American origin (Berdainer, 2002). Breakfasts being the most important meal of the day have many positive effects on the health of an individual. A good balanced can keep one going for several hours.

According to Yang et al (2006), some barriers exist that prevent an individual to forsake this behavior or altogether trigger one start this health compromising behavior hence deteriorating health. Family especially parental breakfast eating is greatly associated with skipping of breakfast among their teens. If adolescents are brought up in a family whose parent do not take breakfast due to busy schedules, are most likely to take up that routine after their parents for the rest of their lives. Parents therefore fail in being role models.

Some individual barriers that hinder health include beliefs.

Adolescents may opt out for breakfast by believing that doing so would lead to obesity or weight gain. Lack of time commitment to take breakfast is also associated. Sedentary behaviors e.g. infrequent exercise by an individual is known to reduce appetite and therefore youths do not wake up having the urge to take breakfast. Alcoholism and smoking was related to breakfast skipping (Ferrera, 2005).

Lack of adequate information from health systems can be a major contribution to this behavior. Health systems should be keen to provide solid and persuasive information about the importance of taking breakfast. Individuals can hence make informed judgment regarding their health status.

Immigrants who have just moved to new locations can be inflexible to take the available types of food in the area e.g. someone who is used some specific culturally oriented meals at breakfast might find it uncomfortable to take the readily available cereals e.g. cornflakes. Lack of culturally diverse foods also discourages some individuals from taking breakfast. Low social-economic status also fueled the skipping of breakfast to instead take only lunch and dinner (Greves et al, 2007).


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