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Free «Computer Application in Health Care» Essay Sample

The use of computers has become inevitably important. The implementation and management of computer technology has led to better practices that allow saving on cost and improving the overall outcomes. In health care delivery, the use of computers has not been widely applied.[1] Computers are vital in keeping medical records, enhancing accuracy and security in health data storage, physiological monitoring, and assisting in diagnosis. They are also used to automate services in the laboratories and surgical procedures, among other areas.[2] All these facilitate cost effectiveness, privacy of information and higher health standards.

In California, computers have been well incorporated in health information exchange. Despite the many challenges facing the area, it has developed considerably. Computer applications have been introduced in the medical field. There are various organizations that are working diligently to ensure the state achieves a better health information exchange network.[3] These organizations derive their incentives from the government and are partners with several medical universities, which provide help in researches concerning network development.


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In contrast to the fact that the state is a leader in e-prescribing, the exchange of pharmacy data, in particular, has not been well utilized.. However, the program is being redesigned and has seen great improvement in the recent past.[4] There is also a room for improvement in the field of laboratory results exchange. Regional health information organizations are also facing problems, which are based on privacy and security issues that depend on the participants, the type of data and its priorities.[5] However, cconsumers have very little knowledge about their role in RHIOs. Nevertheless, this is being worked on and solutions emerge.


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