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Scientists have recommended consumption of specific proportions of each type of foods a day. Among the reasons advanced for the suggestion include maintenance of healthy lives and avoidance of dietary associated diseases. Scientific discovery has proven that some types of fats are essential to health and are important in reduction of risk to cardiovascular diseases (Willett & Stampfer, 2003).

Further evidence has pointed to the fact that heavy consumption of carbohydrates is dangerous to ones health. The idea of the scientist is to promote good health through intake of well balanced diets in people. The USDA pyramid that emphasized on intake of complex carbohydrates was found to be heavily flawed as it relied on outdated science. The healthy eating habit pyramid today emphasizes on daily exercise and weight control (Harvard School of pubic health, n.d.).

Consumption in certain amount of each type of food per day enables one to eat a well balanced diet and to avoid excessive intake of carbohydrates and fats. Excessive consumption of these could be detrimental to ones health by exposing one to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This kind of consumption has for a long time been blamed on the current incidences of obesity in the American population. This is the argument behind consumption of a portion of each part a day.

The idea is also geared towards promotion of less consumed foods which include fruits, low fat foods, non fat dairy, green vegetables, and whole grain food. This will go along way towards improving the heaths of people besides reducing the risk to cardiovascular disease and other dietary disorders.

These allotments are designed by USDA and HHS to protect the health of Americans by suggesting the best diet combinations needed for health life. They also aim at assisting people to make informed dietary choices in consumption. The Harvard school of public health has also been making its own contribution in designing of the allotments. Its purpose is to research into the best dietary habits for the benefit of the public and to disseminate the information to the public.


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