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Fitness forms one of the fundamental requirements for healthy living. Benefits derived from sound fitness are not only limited to healthy physical and healthy appearance but also sound mental and psychological state. A regularly exercised body functions optimally reducing risks of ailments. Regular working out becomes an inevitable constituent in achieving fitness goals. Achievement of fitness goals however calls for some motivation because the real exercise is demanding and invites extended levels of endurance. Without motivation one is likely to give up prematurely on his or her fitness goals. The author sets fitness goal of losing weight. Fulfilment of this goal calls for a number of exercises to be carried out as per the author. The author intends to work out at the gym at least three times a week, 30 minutes for running and one hour for anaerobic exercise as well as playing soccer on Sunday. So what are the motivational factors that help realise these goals?


Self-belief is the most important motivational factor towards achieving the goal set. Visualising that at the end of the exercise the body weight will have reduced gives high levels of belief that motivates someone. Self-belief helps prepare the mind handle the fitness exercises with relative ease.

Celebrating Achievements

With the goal set as cutting down on weight, it is advisable to do a regular weight check to find out how the body responds to the exercise. If the body responds positively then you can reward yourself. In the process you get motivated to achieve your main goal.

Making New Friends

One of the exercises includes playing soccer on Sundays. This gives an avenue of making new friends from other parts of the world. This acts as a motivation factor to going for exercise. In the process, it helps in the fulfilment of the main objective.

Fitness training in itself is a tedious process that can leave one discouraged and dropping out along the way. This entails waking up early from the warmth of the bed, working out your muscles, sweating among other things. Such processes require endurance. Without sound motivation, one can easily drop out the exercise.


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