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Free «Future of Healthcare System» Essay Sample

Healthcare system is one of the Industries that saves lot of life’s in a year. The healthcare system is growing at a rapid phase but the future of the healthcare system must be analyzed to give good treatment to the people who are suffering from various diseases. The development of the healthcare system for the past few years is extraordinary and saves the life of numerous patients. Death rate in the past years is down because of the development in the healthcare system.

There are threats like diabetes and Alzheimer becomes the concern for many doctors. This not only the concern of the people’s but also to the healthcare system. Hospitals should provide medicines for this disease at the low cost. The targeted approach to the patients will give the fruitful results. Each patient should get the right medicine at the right time. This saves the time and life of many people around the world.

Alzheimer is a big threat to the world and spending more money for research about this disease will results in the low cost affordability to the patient. The governments around the world should initiate some research on this disease. Many patients can save $10 in the 2015 and $25 in 2025 for the every $1 spent on the research on this disease now (Source: http://www.innovation.org/index.cfm/futureofinnovation/Future_of_Health_Care).


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Other Important aspect of the Healthcare system is the Emergency care provided by many hospitals. The funding provided by the Governments to the Emergency care is not sufficient to handle many patients simultaneously and there should be more resources available for the emergency care to treat the patient at the right time. Several researches should be conducted to provide the emergency care for the different states. Governments should focus on the accident prone zones to provide the emergency care at the right time (Source: The future of Emergency Care in the United States health system).


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