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Guardian community Living is a mental hospital located in Tennessee. It was established in the year 2003 (Mc.Kenzy, et. al., 2008). Over four hundred patients are catered for in this mental health facility. Guardian Community Living is a health facility that caters patients suffering from mental illness. This health facility is highly valued in the state of Tennessee and most of its patients are reside in this region. However, the triumph of Guardian community has enabled the hospital to provide mental services to other regions of the United States. Families, government officials, and generally consumers seek the services of this mental hospital. Mrs. Burton is the direct support professional in this facility and below is an interview with her concerning mental health facilities in relation to Guardian community Living.

Interviewer: Hallo Mrs. Burton?

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Mrs. Burton: Hallo ….

Interviewer: My name is….and I am pleased to interview you on issues concerning mental health facilities. I believe you are a direct support professional at Guardian community Living and hence you are knowledgeable about the various aspects such as the kind of services provide and quality, number of clients and the general performance the facility.

Mrs. Burton: Well, it is true that I am a direct support professional and I have worked with Guardian community Living for quite some time now I maybe in a better position to shade light on the hospital’s profile.

Interviewer: that is good to hear. So how many patients are you catering for at the moment?

Mrs. Burton:  Currently we are catering for over four hundred patients and though there is a likelihood that the number is going to rise in the near future.

Interviewer: Are these patients obtaining quality mental care? Are the facilities enough to cater for all of them?

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Mrs. Burton:  Oh, yes. Our patients are being given quality services and all of them are treated equally.

Interviewer: So personally, what is your role at Guardian community Living?

Mrs. Burton: Well I have several responsibilities such as cleaning, administering medication, preparing meals and several others. In addition, I take patients for outings in the community. Sometimes I also assist patients with personal hygiene like washing, combing their hair and bathing.

Interviewer: What has the mental health facility accomplished so far?

Mrs. Burton: Well we have been granted several awards ever since the facility was founded. These awards include; “Quality tier status,” excellent marks and grades from renowned state survey bodies such as the quality review panel, and we have also managed to extent our services by opening sixty additionall mental facilities.

Interviewer: That is great news. What has been your experience at Guardian community Living as a professional?

Mrs. Burton: Well Guardian health facility has received support from transition groups in the Tennessee state where we have offered support from a personal to community level. It has been great working with these groups and I can say we have achieved a lot.

Interviewer:  Please comment further on supported services.

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Mrs. Burton: Well for we provide supported services for instance within the neighborhood where employees residing within are chosen and allotted following an extensive screening procedure. The training is continuous and this is mainly to ensure that they offer quality tailored services to patients.

Interviewer: That is good to hear. I must say I am impressed with what Guardian Community Living is doing to assist the community. Well I guess that is it for now and thank you for your time.


It is clear that Guardian community Living is quite keen in ensuring that patients receive the best services possible. It is also evident that the aspect of teamwork has been well managed at the mental health facility and hence has contributed to the hospitals growth and expansion. The organization believes that productive associations result into encouraging standards for the whole facility.

Buy Health care interview essay paper online

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