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Health care reform is a bill that was sponsored by the United States government. The government wanted to ensure every citizen get access to quality healthcare through insurance health covers. The main aim of the administration’s reform is, to cater for every one health costs and thus attain a health nation. This will contribute, to the growth of the economy because health reforms will promote health, which will assist all citizens to work towards the American vision. Being good in health, they will work without difficulties. It was set, to maintain the medical standards and form a platform for the future generation. This will make it easier for the future generation, to acquire health services. There are some groups that are exempted from these reforms. They include; American Indians, prisoners and illegal immigrants (Anderson, Rice & Kominski, 2007).

Importance of the health care reform for children and families

This health care reform will expand the insurance coverage for children, teanagers and young adults. Young adulties will benefit from this reform as they would not have to suffer or lack access to health care because of lack of resources. This will reduce the risks of infection or even mortality due, to ignorance and lack of money. This reform will enable families and children to access medical care when they encounter any health issue that could degenerate to critical diseases if not treated early. The health reform will assist the government, to protect the lives of many people who are not covered under the current Medicaid ( Parks, 2011).

The health care reform will cut the cost incurred by families. Families will not have to pay a large amount of money to clear bills for patients with serious illness. This reform will assist families to deal with health emergencies. The cost of insurance is low compared to the amount paid directly when a patient is admitted with a terminal illness. The cost saved can be used for other beneficial projects, to help the families have enough income for use. The health care reform also helps in reducing the amount outstanding in the hospitals that result from accidents and other illness. This will reduce the amount of stress, to the victims, which reduces medical costs that may arise from the depression.

This reform will also benefit the insurance companies. They will gain many customers because it will be compulsory for every individual to have insurance cover. Currently, only people with high income can afford the health care insurance. The health care reform will assist the insurance companies, to balance the losses they incurred from the people who couldn’t cover their debts. The reform also will contribute, to improved medical services, to ensure that the patients get quality services. This will protect citizens from risks resulting from reckless medical services that could result to deaths that could be avoided.

The health reform helps to reduce health problems. For instance early check up for a tumor means that, the patient will be safe from cancer. By having early treatment cancerous tumors will be suppressed from growing to serious cancer. This reform will help people prevent certain diseases that affect children. Through health reforms children will be able to receive immunization at affordable costs. This will reduce the burden of incurring costs of diseases that could be prevented. Through these reforms patients will able to detect incurable diseases early. For instance, if a person detects diabetes, he/she will be able to regulate sugar levels early enough before the insulin fails completely.

The health care reform assists all families with low income to access medical care. This saves lives of people who could die due to lack of enough funds for treatment. For instance, some families have lost their loved ones before because they could not afford to offer home based care for patients with incurable diseases. Most patients have died because they could not afford to buy medicine and food recommended by the nutritionists. These reforms will assist families to take care of their loved ones using the savings from the reduced expenses.

According to Benjamin, (2011), the health care reform will promote public health. It will prevent contagious diseases from spreading by treating patients suffering from the diseases irrespective of their financial background. For instance, this bill will assist patients with lethal infections to receive treatment immediately in a secluded quarantine to ensure that they do not spread it to the public. This is expected to protect the public from the risk of contracting infectious diseases. The health care reform will further promote unity among the poor and the rich as they receive the same health services. The reforms will ensure that all the patients receive quality services and that everyone pays the same amount. The poor or those on the lower cadre will not feel discriminated by the system.

The reforms will contribute to economic development in the United States. It will promote health among individual thus making them fit, to work well. This will boost productivity in all sectors of the economy which will enable the government to collect enough taxes for the economic development. The revenue is distributed equally, to improve the living standards of every citizen. The health care reform will also create job opportunities, which will reduce the number of unemployment. This will also contribute, to the development of the whole country (Vivar, 2011).

Challenges of the health care reform for children and family

The health care reform is significant to all people. It impacts people both positively and negatively. The other face of the health care reform affects people negatively though it’s meant, to enlighten people’s lives. It may impose high taxes, to people with high income. This will change their lives making it difficult for them, to adjust, to the drastic change. This may influence their attitudes towards the health care reform (Atlas  and (CON) Epstein, 2010). The taxes may also lead to the high cost of living because they may be imposed in the commodities prices making it difficult for the poor people, to acquire their basic needs such as food. This may result, to other health issues that could be prevented by eating well.

This health care reform may lead, to a low market for the private hospitals. This is because most of insurance will probably go, to the public hospital. These hospitals also contribute, to the economic growth of the country. If they lose their customer, they may end up declining which, will affect the economy greatly. The health care reform does not cover all the people; religious, American-indian, inmates and the illegal immigrants. This will affect the whole nation indirectly. For instance, a person suffering from a contagious disease may not have the cover because of the reasons given. As a result, may end up spreading it, to other people because if they don’t access the medical services. This will affect the health of other people and, yet the aim of health reforms is to promote health.

The health care reform may result, to the high cost to the government. The government must assign money for expanding the amenities that will offer services to patients. The hospitals need, to buy more medicines and other facilities, to cater for the new population. These hospitals cannot manage this alone, but need the help of the government. The government also needs, to set funds, to pay the new staff that will be required, to administer services to patients. The increased population in hospitals may result, to compromise of the medical services. It will be difficult, to manage a large number of staff, to ensure that, they offer quality services. They may lead, to wrong medication because the medical staff may just consider the number of patients they are treating without considering the quality of service.

The patients will be affected with this reform. They may have, to queue for long hours, to receive medical services which, may result, to death because of delays. The delays may also lead to complications to some patients resulting to extra cost. For instance, diabetes patients may collapse if not served fast. This creates an ethical dilemma, to the medical centers because most patients equally need fast service. The health care reform may result, to embezzlement of funds in the hospitals where the medical services are being administered. The directors of the hospitals may use the funds that they get from the government and insurance for their personal needs. This will affect the running of the hospitals due, to lack of facilities that, should have been bought by the stolen funds.


Health care reform will be of great profit to everyone if it is implemented well. The health care reform was formulated, to promote health, to all the American citizens and make a difference, to the former medical covers. There is the need for the government, to appoint trust worth specialties to manage the health care reform’s funds, to prevent embezzlement of these funds. Strict policies should be formulated and implemented, to ensure that, the health care reform’s goals and visions are met.

The government officials should find ways to ensure that every person has a medical cover. This may seem to be less important, but may pose threat people’s health. The people who do not have medical covers because of their beliefs should be informed the importance of the medical covers and encouraged to take insurance. The government should enforce strict policies to tighten security at the borders to ensure that there are no illegal immigrants in the country. Since these immigrants do not have access to the medical covers, they may risk the lives of other people.

The hospitals administering these medical services should be managed well to ensure that patient receive excellent services. The directors should monitor how the staff is using the resources to prevent wastage. This will minimizes the cost of administering services to patients. There is also the need to train available staff how to administer services fast without compromising the quality. They should be given incentives to motivate them which will improve their performance. The patient should be given comment cards which will help the management to realize the problems patients face in the medical centers to find solutions.

 Lastly, there should follow ups to make certain that all citizens are getting the medical covers without difficulties. The citizens should be set free to speak out their feeling about the health care reform’s progress to enable the government to find out the places it needs to improve for citizens to gain fully from the reform. The media should also create awareness to those who are not aware about the reforms by offering enough information to ensure that everyone understands how the reform works.


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