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Health care reforms exemplify one of the main strategies presented to the American health care system in a bid to combat human thwarts to good and sustainable health. The reforms are directed at benefiting Americans, young and old, rich and poor. Out of good-willed perceptions, strategies, and monetary support offered to the team implementing these reforms, the reforms carry both the positive and negative effects contrary to what had been laid down before. Various myths and scare tactics have been employed in a bid to restructure this broken system of the American health care. It is clear that it is the older group of the Americans who make use of more health services as compared to every other age group. Therefore, as far as these reforms have been geared towards lowering the costs and improving the quality of life, the elderly are the most rudimentary group to benefit from these reforms. Within the category of the Medicare, efforts are in place to lower costs of prescriptions. Moreover, these efforts are aimed at helping the Americans to access and get quality attention from their healthcare professionals.

Most seniors who are set to benefit most from these reforms have participated in building up to these higher benefits for their lifetime. They live in “no mans land” where healthcare reforms are part of them. On the contrary, with the announcement of the president that more people should be added to the government’s health care plan, the seniors are again set to lose the most. In the meantime, these reforms tend to consume much of the GDP hence resulting in other contingencies as struggles among the nurses and other healthcare professionals. Other sectors within the nation’s development system as education and infrastructure development will be negatively affected. Therefore, the healthcare reform will influence the entire nursing profession, increase work load and economic hardships among the younger generation and lower productivity of other development sectors in the country.


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