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The health system is a set of organizations, structures and resources which aim to strengthen and maintain the human health. There may be defined few main factors which influence the health care system. First of all, the globalization leads to the increasing of migration to richer countries, which makes the task of keeping skilled workers in the health system more complicated. The boundaries between public and private sector are quite blurred, which leads to informal payments to the public hospitals’ employees and pervasion of medicine from the public sector to private markets. The growing demands on the quality of the public health system make government overcome the problem of the cost increasing which may influence the cost of the medical services. At the same time, the technical progress is of a great influence on the health system by providing hospitals with the newest medical equipment (Socyberty, 2011).

The Children’s Hospital Boston is considered to be one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the U.S. It strives for being an outstanding provider of child health services within the Boston area and throughout Massachusetts. The Children’s Hospital Boston’s mission is to improve the health system and provide high-quality medical care for all children. It also aims to conduct various innovative researches in order to advance the medical science in the country. A dividing line in the hospital’s values is paid to a number of trainings for the next generation of pediatric experts, which includes the practice of pediatric health care and intensive advocacy efforts.

To my mind, the Children’s Hospital Boston’s mission and values align with my personal values and beliefs. The children are the future, and they require the special approach in their treatment. I am convinced that every medical center has to pay a great attention to providing the highest quality of the pediatric healthcare. I also believe that the primary mission of every respectable medical institution must be to unite the high-class specialists in order to provide quality health care for children. I support the Children’s Hospital Boston’s strategy on clinical innovations implementation as modern achievements in the health care system are the key to advance the medical services on a new quality level.


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