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There are certain issues regarding the provision of medical health from health centers for the public. If privileged, there are people – including poor families – who have access to public hospitals. But there are some who are not as blessed as they are. One condition an area may experience regarding health condition is lack of public health services. If mere clinics will be established in a city, then residents in that particular city is sure to have high risk of poor health or even the risk of death. But another condition is when there are enough health services in the area, but not everyone has full access of it. Such is the case with the constituency of Representative Moody. This paper will discuss a case related to the latter aforementioned health condition of a particular area.

The case goes this way: the constituency of Representative Moody have three private health centers. However, due to the unemployment of many individuals of the province, only a few have health insurance. Thus, not everyone can afford these health services. In the past, however, two of the three health centers cooperated with Moody in having a campaign for funds. She had shown her concern for the health condition of public, wherein she even adheres with fiscal restraint and the absence of bail outs in the health services. However, the federally funded program Medicaid is said to be minimal for her constituency. Moreover, the two of the medical centers seems to refuse further Medicaid and Medicare patients, in order for them to sustain economic stability. Thus, along with this current state of health services, there must be some options that Moody has to make in order to sustain the health of the public in good condition.

It is first worthy to establish that under the Social Security Law Sec.1867.[42 U.S.C. 1395dd], it strictly notes that first, health services – whether private or public – are under obligation to take care of the health of those who will be seeking after their health services. It clearly noted that in case of emergencies, wherein the patient will have higher health risk unless treated immediately, the health center will be held accountable for that person. Unless, a transfer of patient will be made, upon approval of the patient (or the person on behalf of him/her) and the medical facility to which the patient will be transferred [and in accordance to the Social Security law Sec. 1867], the health center should give appropriate treatment to the patient. Lastly, the Law states that health centers, particularly those who have sufficient facilities, cannot refuse for making necessary treatments for any patients or even refuse for accepting a transfer of a patient.

Concerning the options that Representative Moody, the criteria for identifying them is the following. First, the option that Moody would have to make must be realistic. That means, any options that is beyond her political power will not be considered as an option. Second, the options should include considerations based on the Social Security Law Section 1867. Anything that does not adhere to those constitutional laws will be considered an option. Third, the options should not make any discouragement in the part of the health services. Anything that will only lead to a stop in operation of the health centers will not be considered as an option as well. Lastly, the options to be made should be for the benefit of every individual involved in the area concerned. Anything that promotes prejudice due to culture, race, or socioeconomic status, will likewise not be included as an option.

The first option is to continue on the Medicaid and Medicare programs given by the government, regardless of its financial measure. That means, whatever is allotted in the program, this will be used by the public. Looking at the case of Representative Moody’s constituency, the health centers will have no other choice. The Law constitutes that every health center accessible to the public, cannot refuse to give necessary treatment to those who are in need of it. Otherwise, it will result to a penalty, which could also lead into termination of the health service. Thus, since Moody is able to provide Medicaid and Medicare programs for the province and the Law itself supports it, it should still be in continuation. However, there is a con here, wherein the health centers will have financial problems. As explained in the case, if the people using the health services will give less than the minimum pay for the services, then the centers will soon be unable to continue their operation. Financial profits are important for hospitals in order to maintain their service and to improve it more for further medical operational needs.

Second option is to have the government build a public hospital. It could be certain that the cause for higher financial needs of the health services is that they are private-owned. It is very usual that private properties have higher values than public establishments. Common to these private services is that their operations are mostly profit-oriented. Although this fact does not necessarily apply to every private-owned establishment, it is nevertheless, a probable reason for higher pay rates. This option may not be very easy for the government, but this is feasible. Moreover, the public will be more pleased since it is actually intended for them.

This last option is probably the best one. If ever Moody will not be able to have the government build a public hospital in the province, then the best way is to cooperate with the private hospitals. Since it is mentioned in the case that there are families who are highly economically privileged, their capability should be used for the sake of everyone. Moody could request the hospitals to increase the payment rate for their services for affluent individuals. But concerning the poor people, the Medicaid program should be maintained. The excess amount of money paid by the affluent individuals will be used as a substitute for the service fees of unprivileged people. If this option will be implemented upon the health system of the province, then access of health services for better health condition will be available for everyone.


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