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Free «National Health System Survey Results» Essay Sample


As a part of the program on improving the quality of medical services and increasing the access of British population to health care, the National Health System Survey was carried out in December 2012. The main purpose of the National Health System Survey was to reveal what young people thought of the health system in terms of its quality and accessibility. The informants included college students aged 18-25. This short report, prepared on the basis of one community, presents the main findings obtained as a result of the survey of informants’ opinions on the questions related to functioning of the health care system in the UK.


The informants were interviewed with the help of a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire had 5 sections and took around 10 minutes to administer.


The survey was administered by the author of this report through face-to-face interaction. As the purpose of this survey was to obtain the responses of diverse people who are involved in diverse industries, informants were chosen from a variety of affiliations including health care, public service, education, law, and IT. The results presented below sum up the major views of the informants on 5 different matters.



A total of 120 individuals responded to the survey. More than half (specifically, 60 %) were female, and around one third (specifically, 40%) were male. Medical students formed a comparatively small proportion (around 15 per cent). Most respondents (over 80%) either had a university or college education or were undergraduates. Figure 1 shows the division of informants by the variable of sex.

Out of 20 respondents on the survey, 102 replied no to the first question “If NHS is privatised would members of society be able to afford it?”, while 18 replied yes.

To the second question, “Would quality of care improve if NHS was privatized?”  57 replied yes, while 63 replied no.

To the third question, “If NHS is privatised would you get quicker service?”, 78 replied yes, while 56 replied no.

To the fourth question, “Do you want NHS to be privatized?” 94 said “no”, while 26 said “yes”.

To the fifth question “if NHS is privatised will it be assessable service” 23 said yes, while 97 said no.


In summary, it is believed that if NHS is privatized, members of society wouldn’t be able to afford it. The opinions divide as to whether the quality will improve (around a half of the respondents say yes, and the other half say no). The service is believed to get quicker by most respondents. Yet, the majority believe it will not be accessible and the majority would not like it to be privatized.


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