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From one point of view, I support Obama's Health Care Act, because it is affordable, efficient and it also establishes the social rights for almost all Americans. It also gives more freedom for patients to choose their own doctors. According to the magazine of the American federation of the State, County and Municipal employees (AFSCME.ORG), this care plan insures ten millions of the American people, including children. This care plan is more supported by federal government than individual States, because the federal government is already informed, that if states do not accept this Health Care plan, they will not be funded (they will not get Health care money from federal government).

When we take a look at Romany’s Health plan, one can say that it is a traditional Medicare, privatized and put the American people on their own with insurance companies. In this Care plan the patients unable to choose their own doctors as Obama's Health Care Act, because they depend on co-payment plan and some other preventive services. We know that insurance companies run to maximize their own profits, so that they may not target public services.

As it was mentioned in the above paragraphs, the Obama's Health Care Act is affordable for most Americans, comparing with existed Health Care plan and economy situation of the people. But the question is how it is affordable for government to cover the Health insurance cost? Where does the money come from? The Obama's Health Care Act is planning to achieve his goal in the following strategies:

1. Obama's Administration plans to cut spending (budget cut). For example, by using diplomacy method and avoiding wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the pentagon budget will be cut and the money will be switched to economy.

2. This administration will tax corporate which are making over $250,000.

3. Obama's administration will apply cost effective methods to reduce drug administrative cost.

Whereas Romany’s Health Care plan does not have clear details, where the money comes from, it leaves for the insurance companies to do their best. As, I tried to explain the facts in the above paragraphs for public services like Health care should leave for government rather than private companies. If to take my opinion into consideration, government is more responsible for citizens, than private companies. So, I support Obama's Health Care, Act because it looks more like public service than privatized.

On the other hand, the question about the healthcare system became very contradictious. Thousands of people are dying nowadays without the insurance. That is why the goal of significant changes in healthcare system introduced by Obama in 2010 is to lower the high numbers of uninsured Americans and costs of medicine and treatments. The desire to take the healthcare system out of the crisis also became a great opportunity for federal law to take it under control.

Although Obama is promising about the improvement of healthcare system in USA, there are still thousands of people who do not approve his method. They are more than sure that he will not succeed, since his idea is that people should buy their insurance for themselves. Soon Obama will increase the price for the insurance and it will make it impossible for more than a half of citizens to purchase it. As a matter of fact the situation will change this way: people with a low income will work harder in order to get more money for their insurance. It will bring people to bay, since they are supposed to pay for the insurance in order not to get government penalties. To some extent, that will make a crack in the democratic system where men and women are supposed to have free opinion.

Another doubt in Obama’s healthcare system is that why people who are getting ill really seldom must spend big money all the time for the insurance they never use. Here is again no correlation with the rule that all people should do what they want and not what they are supposed to do. The thing is that this system is smart constructed: Obama is taking money from all insured people, less than half of than are getting sick, he spends some money for them and the rest of money he saves

All in all, Barack Obama is responsible for all possible problems that may appear within the Health Care Plan. Although not everybody is sure whether Obama’s plan is the best way out for United States of America, it seems like it is the one that will have at least some results for the economy and for people. Obama assures that his healthcare reform is nothing but the guarantor of insurance coverage for all Americans. And starting from 2014 millions of American population will get an opportunity to get health insurance for the first time. There is only two things left for Americans to do with this contradictious situation, whether let things ride and wait what happens next or somehow make and influence on government’s mind, by organizing demonstrations and strikes.


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