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Over the time, healthcare has steadily turned out to be one of the most important issues about which the government officials are truly concerned. An approximate 44 million people existing in America were not insured, in 2011, whereas an additional 38 million had insufficient health insurance. That figure is rising year by dear because our economy has been slouching lately, and also because of the fact that our nation has used up a bulk of our federal financial support to sustain warfare, our administration had to curtail on allocation of community programs. With the deficiency of money in flow, many industry owners have had to decrease wages in addition to their employees. A greater part of uninsured citizens declare that they do not possess health insurance merely for the reason that they simply cannot pay for it. In an endeavor to generate a resolution, President Barrack Obama brainstormed a collective healthcare agenda known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Ac which is also known as Obamacare. (Leonard, 2012)

President Barrack Obama has made it obvious that when as long as healthcare is concerned, every citizen should have exposure to it. The Obamacare agenda comprises of a number of necessities that will go take place over the subsequent ten years, and is predicted to cost our homeland $940 billion. Its extensive goal is to trim down our nation’s discrepancy by 1.2 trillion dollars if everything executes as proposed. The President believes that the government should propose some type of support to aid those who do not possess healthcare insurance. With the help of this law, an expected thirty-two million citizens will be able to benefit from healthcare. (Carroll, 2012)

Several people do not approve of the idea of Obamacare due to misinformation attained from the press, political applicants and by those who decline to try to find out the actual information themselves and believe in word of mouth. The new health reform law offers protection to the loyal citizens of America. Obamacare will hold insurance companies answerable, lessens health care costs, provides Americans with more liberty and allows them to be in charge of their health care choices and enhances the quality of care. With Obamacare, insurance agencies cannot produce restrictions on care and the annual restrictions will no longer subsist. For the first time, in every state, insurance companies must widely validate their actions if they desire to lift rates by 10% or extra and more states have the power to decline irrational premium increases. (Leonard, 2012)


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