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Free «Personality Type Diet» Essay Sample

The personality type diet is becoming very popular nowadays and many people do get good results by trying out this. This treatment contains several questions to know about the personal diet of the patient. Then the patient will be classified according to the eating patterns. There are four to five eating patterns, they are,

  1. Patients who are subject to eat a food that does harm the heart. These means the patient is eating the High Cholesterol foods which thickens the blood vessel that carries blood to the heart.
  2. Patients who do not eat fruits
  3. Patients who eats food in the Night time

Above three are most familiar ones. There many more categories other than those. After the complete questioning, the doctor will come to know that the particular patient is placed under specific category and will be given proper diet plans according to the answers from the questions. Patients can be placed under two or three categories. The diet plan for the patients ranges from simple to more complicated. However the drinking water as many as you can give good results to any diet plan. Having a healthy breakfast will give lot of energy throughout the day. Dr Robert Kushner has suggested 1 small banana or ½ large, 2 tsp light margarine, 2 whole grain toaster style waffles, 2 slices turkey bacon, 2 tbsp reduced-calorie syrup and 8 oz water will be a good breakfast for the patients who are suffering from overweight or obesity. These things are light foods but taken as large. These foods do not contain fats and gives you lot proteins and vitamins.

It is better to have a small quantity of food in the dinner. However you need to drink lot of water before you go to bed, because the brain is always working and it needs lot of oxygen to function well. The personal diet is always depends on how much calories you are consuming. You need to work out those calories to stay healthy.


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