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Healthy life is a wealthy life. Life has been bestowed to us by God to live it lively. Moreover, without better health living a lively life is not only difficult but in some cases it is unfeasible. Healthy person possess energetic efforts to tackle the tasks efficiently, on the other hand, an unhealthy person cannot perform well due to low stamina. Therefore, for a peaceful, prosperous and perfect life the most important thing is to stay healthy. Building a healthy generation The National Center for Health Statistics has established the Healthy People 2010 for tracking the nation's health.

Healthy people 2010:   

The healthy people 2010 program is focused to achieve the set forth objectives. The objectives are to prevent the threats which are critically affecting the people’s health, increase quality of health and year of healthy life. The healthy people 2010 program is not a single state, single agency or one organization’s plan but it is an ongoing idea started since last two decades. The active partners contributing in the health agenda are from different walk of life. Moreover, the partners and contributors are companion websites and documents, health agencies and health organizations, business and trade associations and also accompanied the communities. The wider vision of healthy people 2010 and its 28 focus areas had have made it possible to increase health awareness and reduce the unhealthiness in the brains and arms of United State. It contribute to the fact that healthy nation is only the assuror of prosperous country (About Healthy people, n.d).

What are the most important areas?

All 28 focus areas for better health for future are critical to consider. However, if there might have any constraints to limit the 28 focus areas into 10 highly considerable focus areas. My preference would be:-

1) Educational and Community-Based Programs         2) Environmental Health

3) Health Communication                                            4) Physical Activity and Fitness

5) Access to Quality Health Services                           6) Maternal, Infant, and Child Health

7) Nutrition and Overweight                                        8) Mental Health and Mental Disorders

9) Diabetes                                                                 10) Tobacco Use

Why did you choose these areas?

The above said are the ten constituent that keeps the doctor away. By defining, awareness equip you to protect yourself from the worst health, healthy environment gives you support to protect yourself, health communication provides you opportunity to share your problems and get sufficient revival advices, physical activity keeps you fit/fittest and access to quality health services gives you the better curing facilities. Moreover, maternal, infant and child health impacts the lasting effect on the healthy life, therefore, maternal, infant and child health is mandatory for the healthy life. The next step is nutrition of infant, binge eating and unhealthy nutrition can be the cause of diseases like overweight, stomach problem and heart attack. Therefore, nutrition possesses preliminary importance for healthiness though out the person’s life. Mental health and mental disorders are deadly dangerous for healthy life. Nobody can enjoy healthy life without healthy mind. Physical is nothing but mental is everything, hence, mental health should be the top most priority for a perfect human being. Lastly diabetes and tobacco use is widely considered the large source of other disease and nowadays these two are at its highest stat. controlling the diabetes and tobacco use can make the difference in healthiness (, n.d).             

How would you develop a program and present it to an individual and a community?

Health cannot be gained only through medication the illness can be confronted proactively. In the proactive health strategy one has to consider the educational and community based programs, environmental health, health communication, physical activity and fitness and access to quality health services will eventually provide a proactive avoidance to the illness and make you perfect and healthy. In first phase of healthy people program these five should be considered and workout with utmost efforts.

Then the major causes to the many diseases like maternal, infant, and child health, nutrition and overweight, mental health and mental disorders, diabetes, tobacco use should be prevented and treated to enhance the healthy, long life.

The above said set of practical measure against illness prevention and cure is a complete program. The above said program will eventually build a super nation for health conscious country.   

Discuss the impact of failure to achieve the goals of the chosen focus areas:

The goals of healthy people can only be achieved with the faultless execution of chosen focus areas. If the execution or implementation contains any deficiency then it would become a failure program. The impact of failure will be the nastiest and the progress, prosperousness cannot be attained. Because, a healthy nation can only build prosperous country. Moreover, if prosperity in the society cannot be flourished the whole society will become dummies and devils. Therefore, health is only guarantee of a peaceful, prosperous and perfect society, otherwise, it will be the nastiest.


At the end of treatise understanding and examination of healthy people 2010 program uncovered the critical importance of health in a human being life. Moreover, the customized ten focused areas of healthy people program provide a complete prevention and curing constituents of illness. Therefore, consideration of significance of health by United States is their only secret of success. Hereinafter, the concise ten constituents of healthy people 2010 program is definitive path to the nation’s strength and success.   


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