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Good and sufficient nutrition throughout pregnancy is vital for the baby to grow and develop healthy. A pregnant woman is supposed to consume about 300 calories more each day than she did before pregnancy. This may be difficult for the pregnant women to adapt, especially during the first several months of pregnancy, because pregnant women occur to have nausea and vomit. However, such women should make an effort to eat according to a well-balanced diet and consume the prenatal vitamins. In addition, there are also some crucial tips on nutrition that are recommended to ensure that the pregnant woman and the baby are safe and healthy during the pregnancy period.

A pregnant woman is required to gain weight due to the fact that there are two of them now. This is why the amount of food that she consumes should be increased. This happens through ensuring that such woman maintains a balanced diet. A well-balanced diet usually consists of a combination of healthy food and the variety of fruits and vegetables. Only such rational nutrition ensures that a pregnant woman takes the required amount of vitamins and minerals each day. It also aids her to avoid boredom in her diet and make her less irritable. In the diet, proteins should be inclusive, since they protect the mother and the baby from such problems as pregnancy induced hypertension and other defects (Frances, 2009).

A pregnant woman should be aware of where the food she eats comes from in order to avoid any complications that may happen during the pregnancy period. For instances, it is better to choose green beans that are fresh are healthy than canned ones. A pregnant woman is advised to stay hydrated, especially near delivery time, since it has many benefits and may prevent her from early labor. Water is always more preferable than soda or coffee. Pregnant women should avoid junk food since such food tends to increase the amount of fats in the mother’s body, which may result in various complications during the delivery of the baby (Dean & Robert, 2003).

In conclusion, for their own and their unborn baby’s safety and good health, pregnant women are recommended to visit the nutrition experts who can advise them on what food to consume and what food to avoid. This may prevent the tendency of the most pregnant women to consume unhealthy food in order to gain weight.


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