Free «Recommendations to Upper Management Regarding Operations and Future Direction of a Healthcare Organization» Essay Sample

We have seen over the previous week that the U.S. healthcare cost has been skyrocketing since the economic crisis of 2008 leading to poor healthcare administration to the citizens. The choice of operations and future directions of a healthcare direction will therefore be determined by the design payment system offered by the providers.

Pre-planning and assessment of local community are both essential so as to know the stakeholders and players involved in the process development and of strategic planning. Realistic objectives, strategies and goals are then formulated. This will follow evaluation, prioritization, and identification of the appropriate projects. All stakeholders including the insurance providers, non-governmental organizations, and the law bodies to draft legislations, private health sector amongst others should be incorporated into the plan (Kovner, 2011).

Reforms needed in the health sector include starting performance contracts to health physicians which will definitely improve their efficiency; enacting laws which would make all companies cover their employees in terms of insurance. We have realized that healthcare lacks coordination in that the physicians take a lot of time in determining patients’ illnesses and this could be easier if they kept health records electronically. Healthcare facilities should also come up with sections that can handle other neglected sectors in healthcare like care for the old aged population. Healthcare providers should then stress on providing an efficient and quality healthcare so that they can become the hospitals of choice in the society. As a result, CON regulations should be followed to the letter in restraining health costs and duplication or proliferation of healthcare facilities to improve the quality of care by regionalization. Through proper coordination amongst the various stakeholders and proper governance, it is possible for the healthcare organization to achieve high performance rates (Farah, 2012).


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