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Concerns about the condition of the US health care system have attained a slow boil.  Health care steadily ranks among the three most important issues, which the US public wish policy makers to cover, because it is intertwined with a growing worry about economic insecurity. The high costs, sporadic quality and gap-ridden coverage are the health care challenges that concerns most of the US nationals. In addition, most policy discussions are focused on the issues of coverage. To ensure that other related problems with health care are not avoided and the delivery systems reforms are central to all the plans, there is a need to develop a blue print that will reform the US health care delivery system. Woods (2000) argues that there is a need of promoting the quality and patient centeredness among other salient characteristic of high performing health system. This paper critically analyses how to reform the US health delivery system.


It is worth noting that health care largely depends on highly trained, motivated and balanced workforce. Further, there is need of coming up with accurate and current information and technologies, which will enable the health care professionals to use information in right time and right place. Adequate knowledge, well-trained human resource, as well as means of applications are the main foundation, upon which a high quality and efficient health care system rests (Marc, 2009).


The other important aspect, useful in delivery of quality health care in the US is organisation. Efforts should be focused in accelerating organisation of health care providers into the team, like configurations. This helps to adopt systems, which are likely to minimize errors of underuse, misuse, overuse and improvement of entire coordination of care (Woods, 2000).


Improvement of the service delivery plays an important role in the way health care delivery systems in meeting the aim of delivering high quality healthcare. Policies should work in aligning the desires of the practitioners, as well as health organization managers in serving the patients with incentives, which come from the way they are paid.

Population health

Improvement of the health care delivery systems is a key in improving the healthcare of the US citizens. Even if the quality, cost and access in medical systems are adequately resolved, then the traditional views of delivery systems should expand to incorporate population-wide programs, thus making the system to attain its full potential.


As an aspiring RN, there is an urgent need to come up with workable policies that will transform the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery to the US nationals. This will ensure that health care services reaches to the intended people at the right time and place, thus improving their cultural views regarding inefficient health care delivery. One of the main recommendations is the improvement on infrastructure. As highlighted above, effective infrastructures plays fundamental role in delivery of the healthcare systems. One of the areas to improve with the regard to infrastructure is the healthcare information technology. To improve this aspect, there is need of promoting the use of the electronic health records through loans and grants when selecting essential health care providers (G20 Health Care, 2010).

There is also the need of providing federal matching findings to localities and states in creating confined information exchange networks. Further, there is need of raising direct actions. This way, it will be easier to safeguard privacy of the electronic health information. The other aspect that requires transformation with regard to infrastructure is focus on workforce. There is need to invest in loans and scholarships repayments for newly recruited health care providers in order to equip them with required knowledge to handle emerging issues in delivery of health care. The other area is boosting the capacity in the nursing education. This can be done by mixing new federal funding and the changes taking place in nursing graduate studies. The other area to improve on existing workforce is leveraging the WIA (Workforce Investment Act) in building a long-term workforce. The other area to improve healthcare delivery systems in the US is improving individual care. This can be done by strengthening oversights in Medicine and Medicare through supporting programs, which monitors, designates as well as supporting progress in the health care facilities. Further, there is need of increasing funds of agency to the healthcare research and quality, as well as expanding their roles in quality development and quality research.

The other area to look at in order to improve the health care delivery system is population health. One of the methods to improve on this area is setting national goals to improve healthcare performance, fixing organisations authority and responsibility aimed at achieving the set gaols. Further, there is need of enacting comprehensive control policies touching on tobacco, including smoke-free federal policies, raise taxation on tobacco, counter-marketing strategies, as well as smoking cessation efforts. The other way to improve the public health is reducing cases of obesity, like updating nutritional standards at school level, expanding social marketing, promoting physical activities through schools and workplaces and elimination of food desserts.


From studying the case above, one can clearly see that there is a need of improving the existing healthcare delivery systems. By adopting the above recommendations, the entire healthcare system will be improved both in the short and in long run.


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