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Steroids are often abused by sportsperson as a shortcut of enhancing their performances. The powerful drug affects several human body parts thus posing several health risks in the long run (Freedman, 7). Following these developments, many discussions and argument have developed over recent years trying to establish the extent of these impacts. I'm going to talk about steroids i.e. by introducing the topic, explain its impacts on professional sports, mention the I.O.C. laws that govern its use, and also expound on the negative and positive aspects of the drug.

The definition of steroid and how it was invented

Steroids resemble hormones i.e. they manage the rate of metabolism. A German scholar going by the name of Adolf Butenandt was the first person to discover androsterone as a steroid.

Butenandt was working in a pharmaceutical company that had vast interest in supplying this powerful drug. Their interest resulted from the undying public urge of wanting to feel younger "rejuvenating" (Freedman, 7). In addition, the company also had interest in making massive profits from the potential market. Later, Leopold Ruzicka invented another hormone known as testosterone that was eventually adopted by many companies.


Prevalence of steroids and the laws governing it

Several sportspersons including the most prominent ones have suffered extensively following their abuse of this powerful drug. Celebrated sportspersons have turned to be a huge disappointment after confessing that their successes were influenced by steroids. Some of the disappointments include Marion Jones, a terrific female sprinter, and Diego Maradona, a former superb footballer.

Jones was stripped off her medals after admitting that she used steroids to enhance her performances. On the other hand, Maradona, the magnificent footballer, suffered harsh side effects that almost cost his life.


I.O.C. has its rules and regulations that govern the use of steroids and any other drug that enhance individual performances (Jackson, 215). Therefore, before any sports event, I.O.C. examines every athlete to check the level of steroid in their blood. Incase the test fails; then, a ban from participating in professional sports events can be imposed on the athlete.

The positive and negative aspects of steroids

Besides it's fatally nature, steroids side effects are irremediable thus one may suffer permanent health damage. Long-term use of these powerful drugs can destroy an individual's brain, liver, sex organs, and muscles (Lin and Erinoff, 2). Steroids increases retention of salt and water in the human body thus resulting to high blood pressure (hypertension) (Mottram, 170). Steroids increase blood volume and also influence the level of blood lipids and lipoproteins. Furthermore, apart from causing blood clot, strokes and cancer, steroids can lead to addiction consequently affecting the behavior and conduct of individuals (Lau, 6). On the other hand, Steroids can also be used for therapeutic reasons. For instance, synthetic steroids are used as medical prescriptions for numerous diseases such as asthma, muscle wasting, and stunted growth, only to mention a few.


I have clearly elaborated on how steroids have vastly affected professional sports, expounded on its negative and positive aspects, and also explained how I.

O.C governs the use of the drug. Due to their hormonal nature, steroids are used by sportspersons to boost their energy and performances. However, I.O.C has developed rules and regulations that check on such dishonorable actions. It is imperative to note that in as much as steroids have vast negative effects; it can also be use as therapy to numerous health problems.



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