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Today the doping drugs have a large spread among athletes who compete in various sports. This work tells about steroids, which are most commonly used among bodybuilders, and this is considered normal. This essay also highlights ban against all kinds of performance-enhancing drugs in other sports and underlines punishment, which threatens the athletes, who break the rules. The write-up explains why steroids are dangerous for human body and why athletes should not use them at all.


The invention of steroids led to a powerful breakthrough in the physical development of the person. This does not even require proof. It is enough to compare photos of athletes of  the 1950-60s and photos of athletes, who performed after 1960-70s. The difference is obvious even to a child. If we go further and look at the modern pros, for example, the legendary actor and bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was very fond of steroids, the difference is still visually perceptible. Many athletes use doping agents and this is wrong, as the most powerful and strong-willed person should achieve results with his or her own efforts.

Today steroids are very commonly used by bodybuilders. However, doping agents are also in great demand in other sports. If judges at body building competition do not care about steroids, the rules of all other sports say that doping is strictly prohibited. The use of these substances has two opposite sides. When in the competition, athlete is taking dope and gets definitely better results. He wins and often sets new records. The risk of using such drugs is in the fact that not only an athlete is suffering from positive doping test. It is very frustrating when commission declares the victory and new record as invalid. However, the team which is represented by this athlete also comes under suspicion and scrutiny. In international sporting events, the fact of anti-doping rule violation exerts negative influence on the country presented by the intruder. As can be seen, the decision of athlete to use the performance-enhancing drugs spoils not only his reputation. No one will take into account whether decision to use doping agents was deliberate or accidental.

As a rule, the penalty for violation of the rules relating to the use of doping is very severe. If doping is discovered, the people who used it are to be disqualified from the competition. Sometimes the set period of disqualification is several years. If an athlete does not see the reason for improvement and is again caught for cheating drug test, he risks being barred from professional sports forever. All his dreams and efforts come to naught. Many athletes, no matter either unknown or legendary ones, had paid for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. As examples could be mentioned Andre Agassi, who is well-known in the world of tennis; the fighter Thiago Silva; the cyclist Denis Galimzyanov. Doping is very common among athletes and biathlonists. A huge number of skiers and athletes were forced to stop his career because of addiction to anabolic drugs. Ben Johnson, who was famous for the power of his start, won the men’s hundred meters at the 1988 Olympic Games and set a world record of 9.79 seconds. However, after that the doping test revealed the fact of stanozolol intake, which stimulates the growth of muscle tissue. After long-lasting court proceedings he confessed his breach and lost his Olympic title. After a two-year suspension he again failed the drug test and was suspended from professional sports forever.

In addition, steroids are very harmful to the body. The use of them affects the health of athletes not in the best way. The prolonged use of chemical constituents of such preparations may intoxicate the humans. Steroids are harmful, especially to teens. In this case such drugs can stop bone growth, cause precocious puberty, the phenomenon of virilization and gynecomastia. In any case, doping suspends normal metabolism and results in greater absorption of protein. Any interference in the human body cannot be considered normal. That is why I believe that steroids are harmful to the athletes’ health and his career. Strong man can achieve great results with his labor. Sport is needed in order to select the most powerful and enduring people.


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