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Gestational diabetes is a kind of diabetes initially diagnosed in a pregnant woman who has never been diagnosed with diabetes before at approximately 24 weeks of gestation period (Hollander, Paarlberg, & Huisjes, 2007). Arguably, the changing hormones and weight gain in the body of a pregnant woman cause the condition (Gillman, Oakey & Baghurst et al., 2010). According to Metzger, Gabbe, & Persson et al, (2010), during pregnancy, the placenta produces hormones that enhance the movement of nutrients from the mother to the developing fetus. The placenta also produces hormones that guard the mother from developing low blood pressure. As Metzeger and others explain, these hormones function by resisting the actions of insulin. All these hormonal changes in pregnant women place them at a high risk of developing gestational diabetes (Leguizamón, Zeff & Fernández, 2006).

Statement of the Problem

Gestational diabetes has become a common phenomenon affecting hundred thousands of women in many parts of the world (AmericanCollege of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Committee on Practice Bulletins, 2011). For instance, in the United States, in a population of 100 pregnant women, three to eight of them suffer from this disease (American Diabetes Association, 2008). However, the Diabetes Association explains that the disease can be managed easily through good nutrition practices while pregnant. The main problem is that many pregnant women lack awareness and education on the causes of this disease and nutritional strategies that can be used to prevent and manage it.  

Purpose of the Paper

From the above stated problem, the main aim of this paper is to develop a PowerPoint presentation in educating pregnant women on gestational diabetes issues such as its causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention strategies mainly, good nutrition practices. According to Taylor (2007), PowerPoint presentation is one of the effective methods that can be used in educating nutrition issues because one can easily integrate various approaches, such as use of pictures to facilitate learning in the target population. Because the target population in this case is pregnant women, the PowerPoint presentation developed will use many approaches to engage and keep them on point throughout the learning session. Just as Costa et al. (2007) argue, one has to consider his or her target audience in developing before an education tool because the learning method matters much in enhancing effective learning.

Research Question

What are the best practices regarding a PowerPoint presentation about nutrition and gestational diabetes for pregnant women?

Learning Objectives

To develop the PowerPoint presentation on nutrition and gestational diabetes, the following will be reviewed from relevant recent literature;

  1. The appropriateness of PowerPoint presentation in educating pregnant mothers on nutrition and gestational diabetes.
  2. Adult learning theory
    • The definition of this theory and its applicability in use of PowerPoint presentation in educating adults will be analyzed.
  3. Classification of Gestational Diabetes
    • A succinct definition of Gestation diabetes and various types of Gestational Diabetes and their causative agents will be reviewed.
  4. Risk factors for developing Gestational Diabetes
    • The population at risk of developing this disease and factors that enhance its development will be reviewed.
  5. Epidemiology
  6. Pathophysiology
    • The exact mechanisms underlying gestational diabetes will be studied in detail
  7. Treatment and management

The various treatment strategies used for this disease will be studied. Keen attention will be paid on the management of this disease through good nutrition practices.


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