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In fact, the well-being of citizens of any country is dependent largely on their health care. In my perspective, getting adequate healthcare service is a right of every individual. The issue of the healthcare service is handled differently from one to another. However, the manner in which healthcare service is handled should not compromise its efficiency in any way. The efficacy of a service is the most significance aspect since it ensures the service is beneficial to the community. The government involvement in healthcare services should be for the good of its citizens. Actually, the government ought to see to it that citizens have access to adequate health care services.

The government has a substantial role to play in ensuring that its citizens have access to adequate healthcare services. The role of the government is to enact laws and put into place policies that target initiatives. This would make adequate health care service relatively cheap and readily available to its citizens. For instance, the Japanese government has a healthcare service law that stipulates a national approach that requires every citizen to buy a health insurance from either a community or an employer. It is essential for the government to get a hold of policies that cover the country as whole without discrimination by either social classes or whichever factor. The world leading economies have excellent examples of healthcare models that ensure their citizens have uninterruptible access to adequate healthcare service. The government should also play a regulatory role to ensure standard pricing of healthcare service, but maintain quality healthcare services for its citizens.

It would be a commendable activity for the society to pursue universal health care coverage. A universal health care coverage is an approach that is bound to yield satisfactory results to the advantage of the country as whole. For instance, Germany is among the countries that employ this healthcare service model, which has proved viable for several years up to date. The German uses the BISMARCK model, which covers everyone through an insurance system known as “sickness fund” that is collectively funded by employees through payroll logic. The system gives government control over health insurance service thus eliminates unnecessary profit based competition. The universal health care coverage is an approach that every society should embrace to ensure a healthy population, which would boost the economy as well.

The United States has a lot to learn from other countries’ experience on health care services. In essence, the healthcare service models employed by various countries have an insight on what course of action other countries inclusive of the United States should take on the issue of healthcare service. First, the legislation on healthcare and relevant policies are key to adequate healthcare service. For instance, in the case of German health care experience is a perfect example that the United States can learn from since it covers everyone unlike the United States healthcare service model. Likewise, Japan is another county that the United States can learn from in term of policies in heath care service and legislation.

A person should only be required to carry a “health care insurance” if the government policy or the law of the country states so. However, if a person can well afford an “a health care insurance” but does not carry it should be taken as a person who has broken the law and tried or fined accordingly. The society should embrace the universal health care coverage to ensure that persons whose assets and earning potential are insufficient to meet the cost of health care insurance are covered. In such a strategy, the health care service would benefit every member of the society.


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