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Tooth and Claw by Boyle is an imperative story, because of the vital lessons one learns from reading it critically. The writer tries to provide the reader with fundamental steps that one needs to consider, while deciding to change something in his life. According to the story, the writer tries to highlight varied contemporary experiences from the characters. Junior seemingly is experiencing a number of issues. He is escaping his past life trying to avoid falling in a similar situation like his father. Then he tries to define himself by moving to a new town to find a new identity (Boyle, 2003, par 3). This can be considered as the beginning of a new chapter in Junior’s life. Thus, this passage of the story presents us with a relatively contemporary situation, where individuals are mostly torn between making decisions concerning their lives. Junior faces these challenges as well. Similar to present day life, taking responsibility appears to be a vital aspect of life. Junior decides to take up some responsibilities that will help him attain his goal in life. He seeks to be mature and thus, decides to take care of a cat and to pursue his relationship with Daria (Boyle, 2003, par 55). In finding himself, Junior portrays the basic requirements that individuals need to consider, when they decide to take a turn for the better in their life. He is giving up on his old habits and is willing to learn new things. Conversely, before making changes, it is important for individuals to make peace with their past to make way for the new. The willingness to learn from others as well as implement the advices given is vital. The writer presents to us that being responsible for others enables us to learn the fundamental necessities of redefining ourselves. For instance, when Junior takes responsibility of the cat, he learns to be more organized and accountable. By allowing Daria into his life, he indicates a willingness to embrace the change he is yearning for.

The best writing in this story is presented by Junior’s decision to redefine his life. Prior to adapting new changes in life, it is usually vital for individuals to internalize the desire of change (Boyle, 2003, par 4). Junior is clear about the reasons why he wants to redefine his life. Basing his future on his past, he is able to establish a plan for achieving his goal. The writer presents this situation in a creative way. For instance, Junior’s mood has been tailored to relate to the environmental changes; the weather seems to fluctuate, depending on his mood. Actually, it is a very artistic way of creating the tone and mood for the story. Therefore, the reader can learn that our feelings can majorly affect our surrounding. For instance, when we are unhappy, we tend to do things awkwardly and people around us are affected (Boyle, 2003, par 59). In this context, when Junior consents to Daria’s presence in his life, he is able to organize his place and take proper care of the cat. However, when she leaves him, his surrounding also changes to reflect his inner emotions; he neglects the cat and fails to organize his place. The writer creatively presents an overall concept of his story, which makes it interesting. Boyle incorporates the basis of his story in its title, which reflects Junior’s determination to change his life. He goes to length to ensure that he attains his desire of redefining his life by moving to a new town and leaving his old life. It shows how resolute he is to accomplish his mission. Consequently, this determination is revealed in the bet he takes, which leads to his winning a cat.


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