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I am a 20 year old lady and I have gained an extra weight in the recent past as a result of my addiction to eating junk foods like chocolates and often chew a lot of gum especially when I am hungry. I also eat a lot of fast foods especially when under stress for instance when I am studying. The reason I eat a lot is that these kinds of foods are readily available to me and also it's easy to prepare as it doesn't demand a lot of time to prepare. In addition to that my eating habit has been worsened by the fact that most of the junk food I eat tastes better than the other food stuff.

In the recent past I have gained a lot of weight and fat has been deposited around my stomach and abs area and it makes me feel uncomfortable when I am around my peers especially when I put on tight clothing as my 'pot' becomes visible.

I have been reading a lot of information on the effects of eating junk n food and some answers I got from some sources scared the hell out of me. I now want to quit such habit of eating as I have learnt that its unhealthy to eat junk food as it has very high content of salt, sugar and fats which increase the chances of one having problems cardiovascular problems, and especially the risks it poses like heart complications as well as the fear of becoming obese (Sears & Andriani,2002).

I recently decided to eat lightly, perhaps eating cereals in the morning, may be a sandwich in the lunch and something simple like chicken and rice for dinner. I also enrolled weight lifting exercise and I want to play football more which I believe will assist me in overcoming the damage that it has already been caused by my unhealthy past eating habits.


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