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Unhealthy lifestyle is when a person, including professionals in health care like nurses, continue to live a certain lifestyle that is a threat to them maybe a long-term or for a short-term. An example is a person with bad lungs and who still uses tobacco. Some of the three objectives I had set to achieve but my current lifestyle has not enabled me to achieve include the following;

  1. Watching too much TV- I promised myself never to watch too much televising but still television has taken an important place in my life. I believe that too much TV viewership results in television abuse and addiction. This can have several harmful consequences and thus can easily damage my health as well as my lifestyle.
  2. Not exercising- I know that exercising is very important in my life and that if I do not exercise regularly, I can damage my body. But I have realized that I do not like spending my time at the gym, let alone jogging. This has had effects on my self image as I have gained a lot of weight thus lowering my self esteem. Also, my health has been negatively affected as I feel generally weak.

Smoking. It has been a few years since I started smoking. I have been promising myself that I will quit smoking but to no avail. Who doesn’t know that smoking harmful to our health, that smoking harms major organs in our body? I know that smoking causes many diseases as well as reduces health of smokers and eventually causing death. Smoking leads to development of many diseases including coronary heart diseases, cancer, infertility, and other related diseases. Despite all these information, I have not been in a position to quit smoking. I have tried a few times but I have never been successful. I could want to follow a healthy lifestyle though and I promise myself, very soon.


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