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Intermountain healthcare is a nonprofit, internationally recognized system of twenty three hospitals, a medical group with more than 185 physician clinics and an affiliated health insurance company, Selecthealth. Its employees are spread to serve and plan patients in the southeastern Idaho and the state of Idaho  (Intemediate Healthcare, 2012). The healthcare facility offers hospital and other medical services in Idaho and Utah. Its headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently employs over 32,000 people. The hospital was established in 1975. Intermountain health care comprises of health services – 22 hospitals and more than 185 clinics –, Intermountain Medical group – more than 800 multi – specialty doctors and care givers and Selecthealth – an insurance plan for health insurance. (Intemediate Healthcare, 2012)

According to intermountain Website (2012) “the mission of intermediate healthcare isExcellence in the provision of healthcare services to communities in the Intermountain region” (Intemediate Healthcare, 2012).

Three of the top most management personnel are:

Chief Executive Officer-Steve Selzer

He started his job as the interim CEO at Utah University on 1st October 2012. He has served in the same post in different organizations for the last five years. He is in charge of day to running and management of the hospital with the assistance of other staff members. His salary is $ 87,535 annually.
  Chief Financial Officer-Gordon Crabtree

He has been the CFO since the year 2002 and accountable for every financial aspect of the organization both the hospital and its clinics with his salary mounting to $ 61,310 annually. Further, Gordon Crabtree served as an Interim Chief Executive Officer in 2006 in Utah University Hospital.

Officer for Civil Rights Director- Georgina Verdugo

She is devoted ensuring all disabled patients are equally treated; have right to safe and excellent health care atmosphere. Further, she is in charge of customer service at the University of Utah Hospital and Clinic.  Her duty here is to implement changes and policies with an aim of assuring patients well-timed availability of supplementary services and help. Her annual salary mounts to $ 41, 687.

The organization is aware their employees play an important role in making Utah University Hospital gleam (McCarthy & Mattie, 2012, pg. 245). Because of this, they offer them the most inclusive benefit packages. The benefit accolade to boosting different human resource and an equilibrium work-life. 

The table below summarizes the figures of intermediate healthcare as at 2011

Volunteer, governing trustees 450
Charity care $277 million
 Hospitals 22
Emergency Room visits 463,872
Acute patient admissions 135,953
Inpatient surgeries 40,650
Ambulatory surgeries 108,149
Births 30,973
 Clinics 185
Clinics owned or supported for uninsured and low-income patients 18
Patient visits to low-income clinics (owned or supported)  212,445
 Employees 33,000
SelectHealth members 500,000



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