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Free «Vegan Diet» Essay Sample

A vegan diet is a unique diet in most cultural settings. This is due to the fact that majority of people prefer a diet containing some portion of proteins. Vegan diets have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to Elmadfa, the main reason behind the choice of a vegetarian diet is primarily dependent on one’s economical, social, and ecological determinants (147). Nevertheless, in as much as vegan diets may significantly boost one’s immune system, it may also decrease one’s survival, and expose vulnerable groups of the population to malnutrition.

Vegan diets are known to help increase the efficacy of one’s immune system. This is attributed to the high intake of vegetables and fruits. The research has established that vegetarian diets generally contain high amounts of antioxidant vitamin status (Keegan 174). As a result, vegans may exhibit exceptionally high resistance to some diseases. This implies that vegan diets may actually be recommended for some individuals.

Vegan diets may also decrease the chances of one’s survival, especially when one’s immune system is already compromised. This may occur in a situation where one is already suffering from a serious illness; then he or she decides to opt for a vegan diet. According to Lorand, in order for one to survive for a longer time on a vegetarian diet, it is critical for one to supplement one’s diet with animal sources such as milk and eggs (309). This will enable the individual to get body building nutrients, which may lack in a pure vegan diet.

Finally, vegan diets may not be entirely suitable for the certain vulnerable groups. For example, a pregnant mother is required to have a balanced diet that includes animal proteins. Hence, it is recommended to have well balanced vegetarian diets for all stages of the life cycle, which includes children, adolescents, lactating mothers, and pregnant women (Elmadfa 147). These groups are easily exposed to illnesses than others. Once all these recommendations are observed, vegan diets may lead to a healthy lifestyle.


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