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Health is prime concern of each state and an ideal health policy is the primary expectation of the citizens from the government. The state and citizen relationship should be addressed with a synchronized exertion by the stakeholders to achieve the unconstrained and positive results. United States is one county on the map of the world that had have cared its nation and provided best health facilities to the citizens. However, in the current scenario the new health reforms initiated by the President Obama in March 23, 2010 seek to include the 13.7 uninsured young/adults aged from 19 to 29. This health reforms not only has supporters but also it is facing adversities from many independent stakeholders. The three very different but very focused about United States healthcare prospects has expressed their independent concerns and overviewed the new governmental health reforms. These three are commonwealth fund, Kaiser Family Foundation and Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP).

The commonwealth fund:

The commonwealth fund is a private foundation in the United States. It is highly concerned about the high quality and greater efficiency healthcare system in the country.

The foundation has extensively researched the health reform document and interpreted the new health policy in a good manner. In addition, the new policy emphasizes on the uninsured young and adults of the age from 19 to 29 and losing their eligibility for Medicaid and the children health insurance program. So the commonwealth fund also second the governmental step to insure the adults up till the age of 26. The major reasons defined behind the initiative of reforms are high rate of unemployment and the continued dependency of children on their parents even after the age of 19. The statement by the commonwealth fund about the new health reforms is “Health reform, however, has the potential to cover millions of uninsured young people” (Collins, & Nicholson, 2010). This statement clarifies its stand on the new health reforms.

Kaiser family foundation:

Kaiser family foundation is a private non-profit foundation mainly focuses on the healthcare issue in the United States and its role in global health policy.

As the commonwealth fund, the Kaiser family foundation also endorsed the government new health policy signed by President Obama and defined as above. Kaiser family foundation takes the new policy as a good step from the government to insure the uninsured adults and young citizens. They searched and said that the new policy will help the uninsured citizens to have the health insurance up till the age of 26. Its pro statement about the health reforms is “gaining health insurance will extend medical care and provide additional financial security to young adults as they begin their adult lives.” (Schwartz & Schwartz, 2010).

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP):

Physicians for a national health program (PNHP) is an organization of almost 14,000 American physicians, medical students and professional. The organization keenly monitors the new healthcare policies and initiatives by the government.

In the contrary the physicians for a national health program (PNHP) much vigorously opposed the initiatives taken by the government in new health policy. It opposes each segment of new policy step by step and categorically states that “this bill's passage reflects political considerations, not sound health policy. As physicians, we cannot accept this inversion of priorities. We seek evidence-based remedies that will truly help our patients, not placebos.” (“Physicians for a national health program”, 2010).


United States new health reforms precisely prepared on the uninsured young and adult citizens. Although the reforms has some opposition from Physicians for a national health program (PNHP) but the overall new health policy acceptance is quite well. Nevertheless, considering these reforms according to the ground realities can present that at least it has brought the millions of uninsured young citizens into the insured ring. And it is a good step towards the healthcare service.


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