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With more and more people turning on their computers every time they need to get any information, a demand for information online has gone high. People are getting food recipes, precautions to take when performing a particular task, dating, communicating, watching all sorts of videos, just to mention bit as few, all in the websites. The medical field has not been left behind in this kind of technology. One can learn almost about everything in matters concerning the health by just clicking in a few tabs on ones computer. This has proved quite efficient since one does not have to get so many books to learn about something small about a particular disease. This includes weight loss (Roth & Townsend, 2003).

In most parts of the world, being slim is considered beautiful and especially for the ladies. Though this is good as people will go through great lengths to ensure that they are slim, some of the methods used are just too much and may not be as good health wise. Some people overdo it and therefore suffer from what we call anorexia. Most of this people get this information on the websites available, magazines, books, television programs, just to mention but a few. However, one question is still asked by many, "Do these programs/methods/diets work"? My thesis statement is web sited weight loss diets work.

Internet revolution and health information

In the past, people could only guess or assume about certain medical issues depending on their past experiences, then they moved to asking the qualified doctors or at least those they thought were qualified, then they moved to researching in the scarcely accessed books, the books became more accessed, the n came the websites that have grown into what is now seen. Though the invention of the websites has brought information closer to the user, it has also created a loophole of false information circulating world wide as the information is not tested or checked by any authorities unless the website belongs to a certain company.

The awareness brought about through the audio, print and the visual media, has led to a great number of people involving themselves in what we can call weight watch. People are trying as much as possible to avoid eating processed foods and rather making some time to make their own foods with the right diets (Frayn, Stanner & British Nutrition Foundation, 2005).

Though this has not made a very noticeable impact on the number of crisps selling off at the counter, parents are becoming more aware of the number of chocolate chips they buy for their children. Cooking oil is selling more than the cooking fat, and the vegetables are being eaten more frequently. The nutrition industries play a big role in what people eat and what they are saying about a particular diet or foods. Industries like the New World Nutrition Industries give reports concerning a particular diet or food. People pay attention to this.

People are becoming more and more aware about the disadvantages of being obese whether it in children, teenagers or adults. The nutrition industries are bringing this awareness in a very positive way. About 1.26 million people suffer a heart attack each year. This might be for the first time or a recurrent episode. People who are obese are at greater risk of getting a heart attack more than the other people. For this reason, all ways possible of encouraging the people to have the right weight in relation to their heights are being considered (Noakes, Keogh, Foster & Clifton, 2005).

Efficacy of online weight loss

Most of this information has proved to be true as most of the people have used the diets given to loose weight and thus decrease their chances of getting poor diet and health related diseases. Websites like and weightwatchers offer diets that can lead one to weight loss. The weightwatchers website has gone ahead and even included recipes that lead to one preparing a healthy, weight loss diet even as one is on the track of loosing weight.

Though one might have to do a little more research in order to know whether the diets offered in a particular website are true, most of the diets offered work. During my early morning jogs, I met with a lady called Miss Morgan. After engaging in a rather general talk, she admitted to me that she following the weight loss diets and programs in one of the websites. After we had known each other for a couple of days, she agreed to come with one of her past photos. For sure, she looked like she was around 180lds in the photos in comparison with what looked like 130lds standing before me. Due to the huge weight, she also looked older in the photos that she really was (Siervo, Grey, Nyan, & Prentice, 2005).

She also introduced me to a couple of other people who were following the programs and the diets offered online. To be honest, there was a really big improvement from the photos they had agreed to show me.

Though one might argue that this were just some lucky people who happened to land on a genuine website, we have continued to hear testimonies through the audio, visual and print media about how people have lost  weight through eating healthy diets and therefore reducing the rate at which they were getting heart attacks. Yes, these online programs/diets are good and should be followed when one does a little more research. There are always two sides of a coin, but that has never stopped anybody from acquiring the coin. It is much easier to try a diet that might end up not working than just sitting around and waiting for the next cardiac arrest.

Heart disease

There are a couple of reasons that might lead one in getting what we call a heart disease or more specifically- heart attacks. These may include habits like smoking and other drug substance intake, age, blood pressure just to mention but a few. However, another common factor that leads to this disease is poor diet and health. As mentioned time and a again, an obese person is more likely to get a heart disease as compared to an average weighted person. People consuming more carbohydrates are more likely to get a heart disease more than the ones consuming more vitamins. Most carbohydrates contain more calories than most protein and vitamin foods ( Blumenthal, Rodger & Margolis, 2007).

Most of the diets offered in the websites are balanced so that the carbohydrates are not lacking but still contain fewer calories. As mentioned earlier, most of these diets can be gotten online on websites such and All these have diets that one can eat even when one is loosing some weight. The main idea of having a weight loss diet is not to stop one from eating (starving), but to enable one to eat what the body needs without putting too much in store which ends up one adding weight.

Having a meal that consists of more vegetables than meat (red) is what these diets encourage. Going for the brown rather than the white bread is part of the diet. Fish is encouraged rather than red meat, and fruits are encouraged as a dessert rather than ice cream. Having a meal that contains high protein and low fat levels is better than having a meal with high carbohydrate with low fat levels. As put forward before, not all diets work as there are two sides of a coin, but it is always good to take the risk of having a failing diet rather than just sitting around and waiting for a heart attack (Noakes, Keogh, Foster & Clifton, 2005).


Whether it is accepted or not many people continue to follow the web based diets of loosing weight and controlling obese associated diseases since most of them cannot afford to pay the qualified experts in this field. Most of this information is free and very easy to access as compared to the information in books or clinical offices.

Though a type of authority can be put in place in order to clarify whether the information provided is true or not, the websites should be supported and not put down. This is one way of getting the weight loss and healthy living message right to where the people are even their bedrooms.

The advice given online on matters concerning the heart is mostly safe and true though not all of it. If a certain authority can be put in place so as to differentiate between the safe and the unsafe, more people would be reached. It would be more effective and efficient as more people are willing to 'Google' something up on the web rather than visit the next clinic and find out.

It most certain that people will continue to use this websites in order to get the relevant information they need especially on matters concerning health. Technology is here to stay and very many people have wholly embraced it. The best thing that can be done is to improve it and make it more reliable, effective and efficient.


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