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Ai Weiwei is a Chinese conceptual artist, an architect, a photographer, and a curator, a human rights activist. His works have been exhibited all over the world in Europe, Australia, China, Japan, Korea and the United States. Having watched and learnt his works and activities, I decided to take an active position as for the person’s freedom of thoughts and expressions, honest speech and open expression of point of view.

Ai Weiwei’s family lived in horrible conditions for a long period of life because his father, the famed Chine’s poet, criticized the Communist regime. For my opinion, the individual and the character of his father influenced upon Ai Weiwei’s personality formation and his principles of life. His studies in New York also made great effect on him.

Artist’s works are not simple. All of them express deep thoughts. At first glance, his art may seem incomprehensible and even boring, but when someone learns Ai Weiwei’s thoughts and processes that influenced the creation of the piece of art, his works acquire power, significance and authenticity. Ai’s works forced to think over the problem he highlights. The artist’s works reflect the 21st Century in large spaces, great and all available exhibitions. They blur the boundaries of art and politics.

As a means of communication, the artist uses any medium or genre, first of all Internet features; he creates different blogs, has Twitter pages, sites to deliver his pungent messages. Video and photo technologies play an important role. Thanks to them, he captures all surrounding events of his life, and makes his famous art based on them.

He is not afraid to tell the truth and can express it in a rigid form. Because of it, the communist government of China does not really like him and pursues his activities.

His works show me that the art world has not become too commercialized, because such works as Ai Weiwei’s exist. They are very actual today because these pieces of art show truth and courage. If such works influence much people, we can say that art can be a catalyst for change.


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