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  1. In sharecropping, the individual was not the property of the owner as was the case in slavery. The individual had the right to choose if they wanted to work or not as compared to the compulsion in slavery. Sharecroppers were free people, whereas slaves were not.
  2. There was a lobby in the South which ensured that the White dominance should always sustain, and it ensured that the politicians sympathetic to the concerns of white supremacy get reelected to political positions in the south.
  3. The factors that led to the official end of Reconstruction were; Corruption of Carpetbagger, terror of Ku Klux Klan, restoration in the United States of southern political influence and Union troop’s withdrawal from the south.
  4. The first waves of Chinese immigrant were all labors.
  5. The two groups of immigrants formed the majority of those working on the Transcontinental Railroad were the Chinese and the Irish.
  6. To educate the local Indians according to the standard of American education.
  7. Women were subjected to sufferings in the Western territories.
  8. Led protests, organized marches, formed a women’s party and performed picketing around government buildings.
  9. The relations turned into confrontations after the government ended their contracts following WWI.
  10. The black Americans used dance, music and art to showcase themselves.
  11. Gay people gained prominence in the urban culture.
  12. The renaissance at Harlem was on the grounds of getting rights for gays and lesbians.
  13. The demand for labor workers led to the Great Migration of Mexican Immigrants to American in the early 20th century.
  14. The participation of the oppressed class of people including African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, gay men and women in general in WWII helped in promoting their rights as equals to the others.
  15. Since the cold war was fought on the grounds that communism was snatching freedom of individuals, the Civil Rights movement highlighted how African Americans are being deprived of their rights in the United States itself.
  16. It showed the limit and extent of the racial change and the limitations of legal protection.
  17. Emmett Till, a black supporter was killed. It led to violent protests and to further pressurize the formation of Civil Rights Act.
  18. The acts of brutality in Birmingham were demonstrated on media to gain sympathy and to lead to the cause for the formation of Civil Rights Act.
  19. The Black Nationalist movement was more focused on the rights of the Negro people, whereas the Civil Rights movement was for all oppressed Americans in general.
  20. Because they wanted to show that though their parents were from Mexico, but they themselves were born on the US soil.
  21. The Chicano students wanted an end to Vietnam War and wanted the government to focus instead on internal social justice issues.
  22. Because the Chicanos were dying and being maimed in the war disproportionately to their percentage of the U.S. population
  23. Feminist movement was the dominant model for (white) womanhood in the 1950s.
  24. Women were still not given equal share in healthcare, politics and were considerably less paid then men at jobs.
  25. The achievements of the Women’s movement were that awareness of the issues of women was created and women were given more rights and social equality.

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