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This American Revolution was supported by the thirteen states in America colonies that had been colonized by Britain (Bailyn). The colonies protested against the British rule on the basis of no representation and overseas governance. The resistance led to a political upheaval, which led to the British parliament being kicked away from the country. The revolution lasted eight years and the United States gained independence in 1783 through the signing of a treaty in Paris (Bailyn).

Causes of the Revolution

Mercantilism and the Navigation Acts

The British government employed mercantilism where they ensued that Americans did not trade with any other country. They diminished trade with France through navigation Acts, and this triggered resistance from America. The restrictions remained active for three decades, ending in 1763.

The Great Awakening

The clergy used this method that was based on the Bible. American preachers started to make political sermons that would be supported by the Bible. They would condemn the British law and compare themselves to the Hebrew struggles. They believed in the Bible, which says that no one is bigger before God. On the other hand, Anglican Church taught loyalty to the king. The acts of preachers triggered some emotional response from the people and encouraged them to fight their colonizers (Bailyn).

The French and Indian War

Between 1754-1763, the region colonized by the British started to fight with the New France, both of which were controlled by their respective mother countries (Wood). The British America won the war, and after that, they decided to increase the rate of revenue collection to offset debts incurred during war. The French loss was a loss to the Americans who would team up to fight the Britons. From then on, they believed that they had to achieve self-liberation.


This process triggered the revolution. Americans became more literate and were able to read works by other people such as Hobbes and Locke, giving them another point of view on the colonizers. They started to think of their liberation, which they eventually achieved between 1715 and 1789. At this point, Americans were able to understand and appreciate such concepts as separation of powers, limited government, and social contracts, among others.

Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation was the initial agreement that was adopted by the 13 American states. It gave directions over international relations, territorial issues, and the relationship between the US and India. These articles have been criticized by people due to their lack of assertion on crucial matters; hence, it was deemed a weak governance system. They would be later replaced in 1789 by the US Constitution (Jensen).


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