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Human beings are a product of their environment, the family and society in general. The psychological and genetic forces that man is subjected to also influence his growth and development hence his overall personality.When a baby grows in a family full of domestic violence and total disorder, it ends up becoming traumatized and will grow up to be violent, disorganized and disillusioned in life. On the contrary, a child who grows in a loving and organized family will eventually developed the qualities of responsibility and responsiveness.

Genetically, when a child is born of a parent with particular characteristics like albinism, the genetic compositions of the child will be similar to that of the child and the child could become an albino too. Genetic codes are important determiners to the growth and development of man.

Psychologically, man is affected by the prevailing conditions in his mind depending on the environment. A man can decide to join a gang or begin to drink if he experiences psychological turmoil due to one reason or another. If the new environment brings some sort of relief then the person achieves psychological healing. Youths have become drug addicts due to the adolescent problems they encounter from the home front and the society in general. Man is therefore a product of nature and nurture, the forces of environment and society as well as the genetic and psychological forces he is subjected to (Grigorenko &Sternberg, 167).Man is dependent entirely on the forces of the environment, nature and nurture mentioned in above which determine every characteristics they may adopt. The society and the home have set rules and regulations, the norms that have to be followed so that man lives in harmony. Man's freedom is therefore limited by these dos and don'ts since everyone cannot do what they wish because this could result in chaos.

Freedom from genetic freedom is not possible although scientists have begun to clone humans so that they can be free from genetic forces. Attempts to engage in genetic liberations have at times proved dangerous and led to fatalities (Gochman, 212).Man has a choice to change their psychological conditions. If for example, a marriage is proving unbearable owing to the psychological torture associated to it then the couples can decide to separate to cool things down or to end the marriage in divorce.Human beings are free to make decisions in their lives but their choices are determined by environmental, social, psychological forces that are inevitable. Man makes informed choices consciously or unconsciously with respect to these forces.


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