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There have been numerous debates by religious leaders and other scholars to try and discuss some aspects concerning religion and religious theories about it; however due to religion diversity it has not been easy to come up with a concrete unison response to it. The Devine Command Theory which is one of the ethics theories states that everything that happens on the face of the earth is considered to be morally right or wrong only because it is God who permits it to be so. In addition to that it states that some things do not happen because God prohibits them from happening and those that happen it is because He (God) has permitted them to happen.

This means that despite the fact that an action may be morally wrong in the eyes of human beings, it is not morally wrong in the eyes of God until He (God) says it is morally wrong and vice versa. For instance in the recent past there have been numerous terrorist attacks and thousand of innocent civilians lost have perished. These actions are morally wrong however God still allowed the terrorists to continue with their mission. In their defense they claimed that it is God who inspired them to carry out the mission despite the fact that they did not have any justification for it.

This then leads us to the question; can religion serve as the sole justification for moral behavior, as the Divine Command Theory claims? Even thou the Divine Command Theory (DCT) states that it is God who has absolute power in determining what is morally wrong or morally right, I believe religion should not be used as a sole justification for moral behavior. The law of the land should be used in determining what is morally wrong or morally right depending on the situation that caused the event. For example it is morally wrong both in the eyes of God and man to take away the life of fellow human being (murder), this means abortion is a crime and a sin; however what if the life of the mother is in danger and the only way to save her is by terminating the pregnancy. Is it morally wrong? No, it is not.


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