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Disparities in different cultures often affect Human resource practices. Since human resource is based on people, the differences between people in different parts of the word will affect the way human resource processes are practiced. There are many aspects in the human resource field such as Management of human capital, compensation of employees and relationship between the different workers in an organization. This paper will focus on two countries, namely the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates. Human resource practices in these two countries are different. The issue of gender for instance, is contentious in the human resource front. One will find out that, the United States labor market can accommodate both men and women. Both the social and corporate cultures in this country allows for full participation of both genders. The same cannot be said of the UAE. While the trend of shunning women away from the labor force is decreasing, there are still some similar practices going on. This is one of the major cultural effects that are reflected on the human resource processes.

This paper will discuss other processes e.g. recruitment, terms of appointment of individuals in these countries, performance evaluation, and code of conduct among others. The main focus will be on how different cultural practices affect human resource policies in these two countries. There are different methods used to measure cultural differences in countries. According to Hofstede, they include power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity versus femininity and individualism versus collectivism. These influences the way people behave at their workplaces. In the UAE for instance, masculinity is more pronounced than femininity, while in the USA, they tend to strike a balance. This paper will use this theoretical base to further analyze the human resource practices in the two countries.


Human resource is all about relationship between the employees and the employer. Human resource practices are often affected by various factors e.g. culture, gender e.t.c. The United States of America is one of those counties where by human resource practices are often adhered to. Human resource practices in this country takes into consideration both gender and cultural factors.


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