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Divorce is an unlawful breakage of marriage. It is a vice that is highly imposed by different religions. In the United Arabs Emirates, marriage and divorce has become a common experience. The country has the highest divorce rates in the Middle East. Currently, there is the worst unsettled domestic system despite the fact that nearly half a century ago, it was one of the most stable societies in terms of family cohesion. It (divorce) has become a stern in the country. This essay entails the causes of divorce, the rate, and statistical data about its growth over the past years. The easy also incorporates the procedure to undertake it and how greatly it affected the residents of the United Arabs Emirates.

Though divorce is occurring at an alarming rate in the United Arabs Emirates, it is not an unassuming matter to undertake. This is because the law is strictly involved making it a multifarious thing which has different causes. The oil wealth is regarded as one of key social-economic factors that has led to the high rates of divorce cases in the United Arabs Emirates. Wealth brought about by oil in return led to vital social changes that greatly contributed towards household’s instability.

Premature matrimonial relations are perhaps the central cause of divorce in the UAE. The latest study made by the Ministry of Labor And Social Affairs indicates that selected 31.5 percent of divorced womenfolk of all nationalities in the Gulf state were married before the age of 14. The percentage of men who married between the ages of 20 and 24 was quoted 23.7 according to the study. At this tender age of marriage, it was indicated that 43 percent were the women who sought a divorce with the men figuring at 39 percent while the rest of the percentage cases were reached on mutual arrangement.

Mix-up between partners is also regarded as another major cause of divorce in the UAE. Involvement in the marriage relationship by the family members makes it worse as they tend to side line one party. This stimulates the other party to resign and plea for a divorce as he or she feels it is too much for him or her.

Financial motive is an additional reason of divorce as it was said in the study. In UAE, a high number of divorced partners necessitated self-regulating budgets and apparently declined to render any financial aid to the other partner. Additionally, the financial drains positioned on young duos similarly can lead to the early divorce. Many husbands atribute their reasons to monetary demands as the main or a major factor in the decease of their relationships with the oil wealth being a key factor.

The lack of adequate communication between couples is another major identified cause of divorce in Emirates according to a survey commissioned by the UAE Marriage Fund. It was found that misunderstanding between spouses was most often triggered by interference in the relationship by family members. The greatest number of women fathomed by the Marriage Fund cited a union of problems that led to the breakdown of their marriages. Mistreatment, as noted, contributed to their divorce; others blame the moral issues on the part of their partner. Some people indicated such reasons as drug or alcohol abuse, and others linked the divorce to not having kids.

In UAE, the ease of obtaining divorce documents from Sharia Courts is an alternative reason for the intensifying divorce rates. It has been noted (from divorced people) thatobtaining divorce papers and processing them for their separation was very easy without any involved requirements or strict conditions.

Other lesser factors causing divorce in the United Arabs Emirates are as follows. Men’s bigamy (having a second wife) provokes the first wife to seek divorce as it is perceived as hurting and humiliating as to the culture and beliefs in the United Arabs Emirates. Constant bickering among the spouses is also one of the causes that lead to the lack of love and inability to settle the disputes of daily life. Some partners are stubborn and focus on their views only without considering the other party’s views. This inflexibility to accept another partner’s opinion has become a key factor leading to divorce. Anger during discussions and over-defensiveness of one of the spouses is also among the causes of divorce as it leads one to animosity that ends up in making weird decisions.

Most of the married women live close to their parents that allows their in-laws to bring about insignificant intrusion into their marriages. These intrusions have played a key role in divorce. Marriage among relatives provides more opportunities for the in-laws’ interference into most of the family issues, for example, raising kids or inability of one of the spouses to have a child; sometimes, it proceeds to the extent of pressurizing the family to have a child. All these may induce one of the partners to quit the marriage hence to divorce.

United Arabs Emirates are estimated to have a population of about 4.5 million residents. Despite this high population, only 21 per cent are citizens. Different statistics has been carried out over the years; the general report indicates that the percentage of divorce cases is mounting at a very high pace. As a result of this, the percentage of marriages between the male citizens and the noncitizens is decreased. According to the United Arabs Emirates Ministry of Economy (2007), divorce cases involving national couples totaled about 1,190 which are approximately 42 percent of the total divorces. The ministry also said that divorce cases involving United Arab Emirates national wives and foreign husbands totaled nearly 110, while those cases involving national husbands and emigrant wives stood at 420. Numerous studies carried out by different companies indicate that this issue is becoming a national disaster in the United Arabs Emirates.

Despite divorce being permissible by the Islam community, the existence of the Islam law (sharia) makes it a little bit difficult for wrangling couples to end their union since they have to convince a judge in a court of law that their marriage cannot work out whatsoever.However, to apply for a divorce appeal, there are some crucial conditions that the applicant is supposed to meet. For instance, one is supposed to have a sound mind.

Women and children are always the victims of the vice. Children whose parents have divorced exhibit more health, behavioral, and emotional problems and are more frequently involved in drug abuse leading to higher rates of suicide. Divorced women are left out to face life with no financial bases thus involving themselves in prostitution and drug smuggling to get financial support.

Different steps have been developed by the Sharia court which ought to be followed when applying for divorce appeal. Firstly, the spouses are supposed to register their case at the Moral and Family Guidance Section at any of the Sharia courts. Afterwards, the spouses meet a counselor and discuss their problems with him or her after which they are given some time (usually three months); then, they can proceed with the divorce process if no solutions have been established yet. If one of the partners continually insists on divorce, the Sharia court studies the case before the judge gives his decision. This means that a number of sessions may be involved. It is a vital requirement by the court that the couple should be present during all the proceedings.

It is important to note that Sharia supports divorces made via sending of SMS through a phone. The court has to confirm the divorce only in the presence of both the man and the woman. In addition, according to the Muslims law, a Muslim man telling his wife “I divorce you” three times automatically terminates their marriage.

From the above, we got to know why divorce rate is growing at an alarming rate especially that of nationals that make about 20% of the United Arabs Emirates population. This clearly indicates that despite the government’s numerous initiatives to check the divorce rate among the nationals, such efforts are bearing no fruits as divorce cases are steadily increasing each day.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons resulting in increasing divorce rates in the United Arabs Emirates as seen from the above. From the few surveys that have been conducted, it is estimated that one in three Emirates families ends up in divorce (UAE steps to curb raising divorce rate, 2009). In curbing this alarming divorce rate, a council monitored by the Ministry of Social Affairs has been formed to educate the youths and change their attitudes towards marriage. The United Arabs Emirates government has also come up with different initiatives to curb this high divorce rate. These include tax incentives for couples and their children, monitoring divorce rates, and conducting awareness campaigns to educate the emirates about the negative impacts of divorce. However, since the cost of undertaking a divorce process is low, spouses find it quite easy to go for it. The government should increase the cost of a divorce appeal to discourage this vice. Therefore, the governmentand the responsible authorities need to initiate steps to address this issue


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