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Social work profession aims at improving community’s welfare through assistance to people that are experiencing difficult life challenges such as social injustice, addiction, disability, mental illness, poverty or human rights violation. The social workers belong to various bodies that are national or international. Social worker is experienced in all academic disciplines. The workers are normally found in almost all organizations, for example, hospitals, private practices, and military forces. The people involved in this field undertake several duties. For instance, they participate in psychotherapy and counseling, community organizing, political and social research, taking care of the sick and the aged as well as promote community development. This paper explores an event that is related to the social work profession that took place on 26 October 2012 at the University of Southern California. The social work department co-hosted the Military Child Education Coalition’s California Public Engagement conference alongside University of Southern California School of Social Work and other stakeholders.

Social Work Event in the University of Southern California

The event was hosted by the University of California’s School of Social Work. The main aim of the event was to sensitize the public on the importance of educating military children in California and getting support from various groups in order to realize this noble course. This event attracted people from different sectors who believed that the military children deserve to get quality education. It is worth noting that most military children are not able to secure proper quality education. This is largely attributable to the fact that either one of their parents or both parents are rarely at home. The parents spent a large proportion of their time serving the United States having a noble duty of protecting the American community and ensuring that they are safe. The organizers of this event therefore felt that it would be a good gesture of appreciating the good work that the military people do to the United States by ensuring that their children do not miss a fair opportunity in pursuing their academic dreams. Influential community leaders, religious leaders, over one hundred influential policy makers, various educators and military officials attended the event (“Social Work”, 2013).

The conference was convened to formulate strategies and plans that were supposed to be followed in order to make this dream a reality. It was the first statewide event to be held to discuss this issue. Professor Ron Astor and Mr. Anthony Hassan chaired the event. The two asserted that the time had come when policy makers could address the issue and ensure that it was included in both national and state policies (“Social Work”, 2013). The dean of School of Social work, Marilyn Flynn, asserted that all leaders in the United States needed to take this issue into serious consideration and ensure that no single person would lose a fair opportunity like the rest simply because their parents dedicated their lives to serving the nation.

During the event, a number of issues were discussed and resolutions were adopted. The participants agreed to undertake training for social workers and other school personnel in order to ensure that they were well educated to handle the issue as well as other social activities. Additionally, it was recommended that school culture for military families would be improved and that new military base programs would be initiated, whereas the present ones would be developed to meet the required standards in accordance with the mission (“Social Work”, 2013).

It was mentioned that the Californian Department of Education was working closely with the Building Capacity Team in conducting various surveys that aimed at evaluating the quality of education in the California schools. According to USC News (2013), it was recommended that the survey should include one more vital aspect that would help to determine how many children have military parents or guardians. In such a way, it was considered to be easier to identify the number of military students in California. The survey was conducted by California Healthy Kids Survey, which targets were over ten thousand schools. It was also recommended that the same action should be replicated in all other states in the United States.

Despite the fact that the United States had enough resources that could enable to implement this policy, one could perceive that the issue and the challenge would lie in proper promotion and coordination of the event. Speaking at the event, Astor stated that priority ought to be given to full implementation of programs that sought to  remove obstacles that military children face in their quest to access various educational services. Some of these problems include lack of smooth transition from one school to another, failure of a particular state to recognize and accept academic courses from other states and problems that affect varsity athletics and other issues. Some of these problems are currently being addressed by over forty states in the United States (“Social Work”, 2013).

Furthermore, it was recommended that there was a need to identify where military students attended schools. As a result, it was stated that statewide data and tracking system should be introduced to facilitate this process. One could presume that the American veteran’s children should not be left out in the implementation of this program. Further, it was noted that the American society had only responded to problems that military students were facing. It was therefore recommended that proactive measures had to be instituted that would help to avoid the problems rather than wait to resolve it. In order to do this, it was recommended that the universities should train professionals who should be able to understand military culture and who should be familiar with the problems faced by the military children (“Social Work”, 2013).


This event sought to resolve the issue that many people were facing in today’s society. Children belonging to military parents are considered to be members of a special group and have special needs that are not applicable to the other children. In some instances, they feel neglected and during such time, they need somebody to support them. Social workers across the state should understand this and endeavor to spare some time to visit and assist these children.


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