Free «Employee Satisfaction at Work» Essay Sample

Nowadays, it is vital for management to ensure that all employees are satisfied with their current job. This should be the topmost priority of the management. Several reasons can trigger the employees to get discouraged and quit the job. These include lack of recognition, lack of or poor communication in the company, limited opportunity for growth, and high level of stress among others (Branham, 2007). Thus, there is a need for management to ensure that these problems are being addressed. By so doing, the workers will be motivated and contribute fully to the achievement of the company’s set goals and objectives (Clutterbuck, 2007).

Half the number of employees is dissatisfied with their current position owing to several factors, which include lack of intrinsic motivation needed for success (Rudman, 2003). Such employees start working with great effort, but get bored along the way due to the routine character of the job. Lower level management should motivate such employees. Change of working site can be of great help in such a situation (Rudman, 2003). There should be shifting of workers in different departments. Individual qualification should be considered prior to making such a move. This will reduce the tension when workers can get bored from working in the same environment and doing same kind of job (Branham, 2005). Reassuring the workers that the organization is growing can also be a source of motivation to them. In addition, pertinent training as well as cross training are also helpful in such situations (Koslowsky & Krausz, 2002).

Employees can also get dissatisfied due to high stress level at the work place (Branham, 2005). Stress can be caused by various factors, which may include lack of necessary working tools. The lower level management should thus supply the employees with the necessary tools in order to facilitate their work. Acknowledgement that the management cares about employees, open communication as well as succession plans pave way for a learning environment (Rudman, 2002).

Employees are categorized into high performers and low performers (Clutterback, 2007). Low performers have lower chances of getting promotion than the high performers. Such employees exhibit commitment and loyalty. They should be engaged as well as energized. Such employees are likely to work to their full potential in meeting the company’s set goals and objectives (Branham, 2005). Given a task, they are able to meet every deadline. Such employees should be given priority for promotion. The low performers are opposite to high performers. They lack motivation and their performance is poor (Rudman, 2002).

The management should take the necessary actions, such as training, to ensure that these employees are able to meet the organization’s goals and objectives. There is need for the management to explain to all workers why some are promoted and others not (Clutterbuck, 2007). The organization should set particular criteria to use for workers promotion. Such a move will motivate workers to work extra hard as they expect to get some reward. Winning the employees loyalty should be one of the primary goals of the management (Branham, 2005). There are various ways to achieve this, including broad definition of responsibilities, effective performance evaluation, and participatory approach in the organization.

In conclusion, there is a great need for management to ensure that the employees are happy (Clutterbuck, 2007). This is because they will get a chance to benefit from satisfaction of employees. When employees are satisfied, they work harder in order to achieve the company’s set goals and objectives.


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