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Free «Events leading to the Civil War of 1861 in America» Essay Sample

The differences between the South and the North are dated back in early 1800s. The major cause of the differences was slavery. The North was against slavery whereas the southerners supported slavery. Some individuals from the North like Abraham Lincoln stood against the slavery. In his famous speech Abraham said, “If slavery is right then nothing is wrong…”

These differences started causing tensions. In 1819, Missouri requested to join the United States of America. It was a slave free state. This led to sectionalism eventually. In 1848, the free soil party was formed. Unfortunately, Whigs presidential candidate won the elections after wooing the slavery states, and also the antislavery states. With the Taylor as the president, he urged the states California and New Mexico to apply for statehood his argument being that their admission will have them make the decision whether to abolish slavery or not. At this time, there were 15 Free states and 15 slavery states. The admission of the 3 Free states would see the North outvote the South with 18 states with the South having 15. This will be advantageous to the North and that is why the South was against this and they even threatened to secede from the union. 


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The 1850 Compromise

However, a compromise was reached in 1850, when a senator Taylor said that California should be admitted as a free state; New Mexico admitted without any restrictions on slavery and that slave trade and not slavery itself be abolished. The plan was objected and a debate on it lasted for seven months. The plan could not yet be implemented since many senators objected at least a part of the plan if not the entire plan. It was amended and later implemented.

The Fugitive Slavery Act

Some African Americans and Africans had escaped from slavery and were living in the North. They were referred to as runaways. All those events saw the formation and the implementation of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1950. The law required the Americans to help recapture the runaways so that they can be taken back to slavery. This further heightened the differences between the North and the South.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act

A new President by the name Franklin Pierce, who was a democrat and maintained the Fugitive Law, was elected. Then senator of Illinois, Stephen Douglas introduced a bill, which would see the area in the West of Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska join the union. Since their locations the two would become Free states automatically.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed. This made the anti-slavery people to form their own constitution and in it they banned slavery. By 1956, there existed two governments in Kansas and to make the matter worse the President Pierce supported the proslavery government while the house supported the other. After that attack the antislavery retaliated. However, this was stopped in October when the new governor was elected and troops to stop the violence were deployed in the region.

Question 2

Reconstruction after the Civil War

The Civil War started in 1861 and it lasted for four years and ended in year 1865. During this war the South and the North had several victories and defeats. Unfortunately, many soldiers were wounded and 600,000 soldiers from both the North and the South died. A tenth of the soldiers were wounded. Most important of all is that the war ended slavery. This meant that the South was defeated and the slaves were freed from the southerners. Later, the slaves moved to the North. The union was thus recovered, but with so much destruction in both sides. The President Lincoln wanted to reconstruct and restore America. Though the war led to shedding of blood, it saw very many changes in all the sectors of the economy. There were changes also in the political sector.

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Leaders from the South were captured. Nevertheless, the war ended and slavery stopped, enmity still existed between the people of the South and those of the North. The reconstruction has started in late 1963 with the efforts of Abraham Lincoln. The President was planning to reconstruct the South through liberalization and according to him, peace and the former America and the union would be restored. The plans by the President were dimmed when he died in 1965. This saw the rise of murphy in the South. The elections were held aftermath and unfortunately the former leaders were reelected in to the house. This was a real problem. The leaders did not pay attention to reconstruction; therefore, they focused on rebuilding their territories and also trying to get their riches back as before. This further dimmed the plans of reconstruction.

During the period 1869-1874 the republican’s leaders however tried to restore the state’s economy, which bore some results. This saw the establishment of a system of free public schools, the construction of more than 650 additional miles roads and the construction of a public university at Fayetteville. After the revolution the United States of America did not change a lot and today it consists of some states from the North and others from the South and with the political systems in existence. Since then the republicans and the democrats have been opposing each other and that has been witnessed even in the recent elections in the United States, in which Barrack Obama was reelected.  The agricultural state in the United States can also be said to have taken its state back then after the Civil War. The citizens then wanted to grow economically and they put efforts in agriculture. Today, America is known of producing various agricultural products, which were produced even after the Civil War.

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Question 3

Consequences of the Civil War

The Civil War of 1861-1865 had great impacts on America as a whole. The war saw the assassination of the president Abraham Lincoln in year 1865. This was as a result of the way he supported the people from the North and did not support the acts of slavery by the people of the South. His name will never be forgotten in the history of America. Even today the Americans talk about him like he died only last week.

The Civil War saw the end of slavery. The major cause of the war was the differences between the South and the North, which were based on slavery issues. The ending of slavery was a great achievement by the North since they started preaching against it since the early 1800s. This would see the human rights being exercised in America.

The war also led to the changes in the economy of the nation. The people of America from both sides wanted to gain good financial status and also to own land and thus after war period many Americans were involved in trade and agriculture. Later, there was a revolution in the economy of the nation.

Social part of America also experienced some changes. The enmity between the people from the South and the North did not end completely. The cultures changed with slavery abolished in the nation. Agreements in the plantations whereby one was to lend his land out to another person who would cultivate it and then the owner would get 50% of the farm produce as the interest.

The form, which the nation took after the war and just before the war, formed the political system that exists in America up to date. Currently, in America the battle in elections is between the republicans and the democrats.

The Civil War left so many people affected even psychologically. After the war many people were displaced and their homes burnt down in the process. These people, for instance, the ones in the South had the mentality that it is their enemies from the North causing all this and thus the grudge between the North and the South even went to higher heights. Many innocent people were killed and this had an impact even in the economy. Since the killed people may have been farmers of traders and it is known that the economy was being boosted by farming and trading.

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The children are the most innocent. The children then were to form the next generation of the United States of America and they witnessed the war between the North and the South. The children from the South, for instance, were made to understand by their parents that the people from the North are their enemies and that is why even afterwards the North and the South did not get along very well.

Question 4

Concept of Manifest Destiny

This concept was about the mentality of the Americans to expand in all sectors and become more productive and more powerful than even Europeans. Later it became a part of the government plans. During the early period of1800s, America expanded rapidly. More states were admitted in the union and they even captured and bought some more land for themselves. Moreover, during this period, America grew economically with some more productive lands. The expansion to the West where the president bought a land to the West was another of its development. The Native Americans who lived in the area displaced. It also led to the conflict between the South and the North with disputes over whether the states in the west should slave Free states or not. During the expansion people who were living there exchanged cultures with the Americans and some were totally displaced.

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This period is remembered since the American political system developed with the emergence of the republicans just before the Civil War. The republican was formed by the people who did not support slavery and who left the democrats and the Whigs. This party witnessed how Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president in 1861.

The early period of 1800s was very influential to what happened in America in the 19th century and even what is happening today in the nation. This is the case in all the sectors ranging from the economy, politics and the social lives of the Americans.

It should be noted that the United States of America have been rated as the superpowers in the world. This has its roots back then after and before the war. The mentality started at that time and they were working towards it since then. They knew that such position could not be achieved with poor economy and poor trade in the area. They also identified that unity is strength and thus they needed to unite in order to achieve such success. The America then admitted new states in the union. It should be noted that at the beginning the United States had only 13 states, but currently it has 50 states. They even went ahead and purchased a land for the state.  They put more investments in the agricultural sector and trade. Consequently, the unions strengthen from all perspectives. The government had enough to run the operations of the union.

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It should also be noted that without the support of the citizens the United States could not have made it far by the effort of the leaders only. The citizens were very supportive to their leaders. It can thus be said that it was the effort of every one to take the United States of America to where it is currently is through the concept of manifest destiny.

Question 5

Andrew Jackson’s Rise as a Politician during the 1820s and 1830s

Andrew Jackson was a lawyer by profession. In the army, he led the Americans against the Britain and they won and later he became very popular in America. He first appeared in presidential politics where he contested the seat against two other contestants. Unfortunately, he lost to Adams who decided to work with henry clay the other presidential aspirant. This move by Adam made Jackson so angry that he started immediately campaigning for the 1828 elections.

Andrew Jackson used the acts of Adam to work with Henry clay as a base for his campaign. He used it to convince that the two were corrupt and had some hidden agenda for the union. Fortunately, he got the masses. He kept the masses by his side for the four years up to when the next elections were held. In the next election, Adam was also contesting for the top seat in the United States of America. This further shaped the political world of the United States of America.

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During these years the differences between the South and the North were heightening, because of slavery. The two were ensuring that they have the maximum number of states with the South supporting slavery acts whereas the North was against the acts of slavery. The period saw clay try to bring compromises between the South and the North but without results. The differences were becoming more serious. It is the same period that many states requested for the admission in the union of United States of America.

In 1828, Andrew Jackson contested for the top seat again against John Quincy Adams and this time he won the elections. He got support from Martin Van Buren of New York DC and Calhoun of South Carolina. Many historians described the elections as one of the nastiest in the history of the republic. Being termed as one of the fore fathers of America, after his election, Jackson saw many people storm in Washington to listen to his inauguration speech. Even today the leadership and the election of Andrew Jackson are remembered. He was the 7th President of the United States of America.

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It can be concluded that the history of America has contributed so much to the current happenings in all sectors in America and more so in the world of politics. This is with even the recent elections in America some weeks ago that saw the re-election of Obama. The election battle just like in the 1800s was between the republicans and the democrats. The other parts of the world can learn from what has happened in America since the 1800s until this day. It is thus the high time the many parts of the world with disputes stop them and build their nations. If it would happen in whole world, then there will be a better place to live for every one with peace being preached, with Americans living with Africans like brothers and sisters, Europeans and Indians in free trade with Asians.


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