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Justice of the environment and the social skills and its knowledge are Global citizenship. Universality of citizen's duties and right is the citizenship principle that is basic. Gender or race is not dependents of it. Values and standards of international and local level are upheld by it.

People from all around the world study, work or live alongside each other or have family living abroad. The global society can be impacted by consumers due to their decisions, as leisure and work are reasons of travelling for most of the people. The changing effects of the environment, international legislations’ impact, refugees' plight and racism are some issues around people who are young and are needed to be understood with the help of Global citizenship.


The Global Citizen is someone who has a sense of their own role as a world citizen and is aware of the wider world. Diversity is valued and respected by him. He has knowledge of environmental, technological, cultural, social, political, and economical functioning of the world. Injustice based on social circumstances outrages him. From global to local leveled ranges at the community, is his involvement in. He is enthusiastic to work to create the world a more sustainable and equitable place. Best of all, a Global Citizen’s actions are taken as his own responsibility.

There is a need to view the global context of the citizenship because of various reasons. Problems of health, homelessness and hunger suffering are by millions. Climate changes at a global level do occur in wars and they do affect us too. Areas of the world which are not industrialized do get exports of wastes that are hazardous. The environment is damaged globally by the use of pesticides. It is common to see species’ extinction, habitat destruction, erosion of soil and deforestation. Multiple problems are created by problem solving of a single project.

Poverty is one issue that I would like to give some attention to. One quarter of the world’s population now survives in a state of total poverty. Just because they are poor, every day around 35 thousand children die. Children who are not able to attend primary school make up about 130 million with girls occupying the share of 70 percent. Proper sanitation and safe water is not available to around 1.3 billion people. The list goes on and on.

Everybody has the right to get best mental and physical health available and has the right for good education. Promises retained by several countries claim so. To enjoy all other rights and to end poverty the prerequisites are education and good health, a simple logic. Poor education and poor health are all causes of poverty. AIDS and HIV’s vulnerability gets increased with increasing poverty. Future leaders, public servants, parents, and food producers of the communities are robbed by the development hampering and poverty deepening process. Developing countries are mostly where people with most non-communicable and chronic diseases and pandemics affection are found in vast majority. Services of health and many medicines are put beyond means by the failure of markets, burdens of debt, unfair practices of trade and interests and powers of the corporate in developing nations. The poor’s illness is further ignored by the unstandardized market research. Poverty and hunger eradication are only possible with key developments that are sustainable and food rights that are guaranteed by policies. Decent living should be earned by the poor of the rural and urban and this should be ensured. Food production seeds’ supply that is secure, water and land access has to be provided.


The Global citizenship will enable people to be aware of responsibilities and rights. It will help develop values and beliefs. Working with communities that are global, national and inter-dependent can be done with it. It will make people feel that they actually belong to this world. Cultures and countries that a person is not part of will fascinate a person and he will look into what is happening around. Travelling will give a lot to learn. Challenges that are local can then be resolved by knowledge that has come from international experience.


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